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Your guide to achieving a French Inspired House.

There may be many guides on how to dress like a French girl, but you might be more interested in how to decorate your home in the effortlessly chic style synonymous with the French décor. We have rounded up some tips to master the stylish French look.

Work with the history of the place:

Its history hugely influences the French design. With buildings from the 17th-18th or 19th Century still being around and being redecorated, it isn’t surprising that history plays importance in French interiors. The French believe that each apartment has its history and charm, which should be respected. Good design brings together the iconic character and elegance of the space with practical luxury.

Show off the architecture:

The architectural elements of a home have a considerable impact on French interior design. These can include ornate walls, intricate ceilings, luxurious fireplaces, to name a few. From high-ceilings with decorative moldings to Rococo-style wall panels, the French celebrate their architecture by highlighting the details and complementing them with gorgeous chandeliers and feature lighting.

Vintage Pieces:

Part of the French charm is the story that comes with every piece of furniture and décor. Incorporating antique and vintage pieces in the décor can immediately oomph up the room and provide it with French elegance.

Effortless French Fashion

Like their fashion, everything the French do has an effortless vibe to it. The French interiors are never too curated and perfect. The number one rule to get the French chic is not to try too hard. You should keep your décor simple with a mix of vintage and modern pieces and allow your memories and treasures to shape the space.


Although the French people have an affinity for chic all-white interiors, they also like to blend colors. By blending colors, time periods, and style, they come up with an extremely individual and effortlessly chic style. To create a French-inspired house, don’t shy away from bright colors, instead use strong and complementary colors to and the design together.

Remember that the one rule followed by the French when it comes to designing is that there are no rules. So if you think that you prefer French design, then you should do a little more research online before you start decorating your house. Places like Ambienti Designs are an excellent place to start looking for inspiration.