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Why HVAC Maintenance Is A Must In 2023

Every certain number of miles, we take our cars to the auto repair shop for a tune-up and oil change. While there your mechanic checks your brakes and other components of your car. After you pick up your car, you drive away knowing that your car is safe and reliable to drive.

Your HVAC system requires the same type of routine maintenance. This will ensure that your HVAC units are operating at their optimal levels.

Read more to learn about the benefits of HVAC maintenance and why it should be on your 2023 ‘to do’ list.

Health and Safety

Furnaces that are fueled by oil, propane, or natural gas produce carbon monoxide as a byproduct. When your furnace is operating properly, the carbon monoxide is emitted safely out of your home. Trained technicians will inspect your HVAC system during annual maintenance sessions. If they notice any problems that would cause incorrect processing of carbon monoxide, your technician will fix the issue.

Your air conditioning unit works to reduce and control the humidity levels in your home. Besides making you and your family more comfortable, managed levels of humidity decrease the growth of mold and mildew in your home; both of which can cause health concerns. Annual checks and cleaning of your air conditioner’s condenser coils can help your air conditioner run efficiently and control humidity levels.

Continue to read more for details about controlling your energy consumption and costs.

 Energy Usage

Ongoing and routine maintenance of your HVAC system ensures that it is operating at its optimal level. Besides preventing problems with your HVAC, you should save money on your energy bills or not incur increases on your bill. Some studies show that poorly performing HVAC units can consume up to 25% more energy than a unit than has been tuned up.

In addition to regular service, changing your air filters throughout the year is important. Clean air filters are part of what makes your unit run efficiently and lowers energy usage. Additionally, your HVAC’s filters allow air to flow through your system, which helps carbon monoxide correctly flow through your system.

To avoid unplanned expenses, read more about HVAC maintenance.

Costly Breakdowns

Emergency repairs on your HVAC system during the middle of the summer or winter can be costly. Maintenance on your HVAC system is a great way to identify areas of concern. Your HVAC service technician can spot potential problem areas. These can be remediated before the problem grows and becomes more expensive. Not only are repairs pricey, it can be difficult to locate needed parts. So, preventing a system failure will save time and money.

To extend the operating life of your HVAC system, read more.

Longevity of your HVAC Equipment

Equipment that is properly maintained will operate more efficiently and last longer. Changing filters and cleaning your units reduces the stressors on your system. Units that are not overexerted will operate for more hours and years. If you do not properly maintain your HVAC system, you risk needing to invest significant money into new equipment.

As part of your budget to care for your home, be sure to include HVAC upkeep in your 2023 maintenance plan.