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What to Prepare for Installation of Air Cooler Fan

Cooling systems are standard in most homes, especially in the summertime. They help to keep homes warm and also avoids health issues associated with the heat. An affordable way to stay cool is with an air cooler fan. There are different models, including the portable outdoor air conditioner that you can use to keep cool in outdoor settings. Air cooler fans are famous because they require little to no installation. When you want to set up your air cooler fans, there are some things you need to prepare. If you’re confused about what to ready for installing an air cooler fan, keep reading to find out.

What an Air Cooler Fan is

To fully understand what you’ll need to install an air cooler fan, you must first understand what it is. Most people tend to confuse an air conditioning unit for an air cooler fan. However, they’re pretty different, mainly because air coolers do not contain gas like the air conditioning unit. Additionally, models like the portable outdoor air conditioner can be used in outdoor settings, unlike AC units. It works by sucking in hot air, passing it through a filter, and then fanning out cold air into the room.

What You Need for Installation

Installing an air cooler fan is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. However, there are some things you need for the process, and knowing them now will be helpful when you’re ready for the installation. Keep reading to discover what is necessary for installing air cooler fans.

  • A Mounting Position

One of the vital things you need for installing any air cooler fan model, including the portable outdoor air conditioner, is a mounting position. If you don’t get the ideal spot for mounting the air cooler fan, you can’t install the cooler fan. You can consider varying locations, like the window, wall, or even the ground level. When confused, talk to your physician for the ideal spot to mount your air cooler fan.

  • Hose

Another crucial piece of equipment you need to set up your air cooler fan is a hose. The hose is essential for drawing in the air into the air cooler fan for cooling and dispelling the hot air from the room. The best part about most air cooler fan models is that they come with a complete package. Some models only use a single hose to draw in air from outdoors to cool and dispel the hot air from the room. However, some come with two hoses, one for each of the tasks. The hoses must pass through a window for the smooth operation of your air cooler fan.

  • Proper Water Lines

Your air cooler fan needs water to operate efficiently. You need to ensure there’s a steady water supply for the evaporative cooling process to take place. When installing your air cooler fan, ensure that there are proper water lines connected. There should be an outdoor source it connects to and cut-off valves for when you want to stop the water supply or drain the air cooler fan.