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What Is Mobile Tower Lighting Needed For?

Mobile tower lighting is a great addition to many sites and tasks, with the capability to move from one site to another, or from one part of a site at an event to another area when needed. The bright illumination provides better conditions for completion of tasks and higher levels of safety. It makes it one of the most versatile and effective ways to light any site, no matter the circumstances.

Industries that rely on mobile tower lighting

You often see portable site lighting within plant hire options and these days solar powered lighting towers as a renewable energy source for an environmentally-conscious company. The reliability and flexibility are what makes it stand out as one of the best options for site lighting, as you often find that there are multiple uses for a mobile tower lighting solution.

Wherever there is a need for bright lights to be in place to perform tasks, to illuminate walkways, and to increase safety levels, a light tower is a great addition. Industries where you often see the use of mobile lighting towers include:

  • Construction – especially where sites operate over night
  • Stadiums – mobile tower lighting is perfect for lighting some sporting events
  • TV and Movie industry – where late-night filming is taking place
  • Concerts and outdoor entertainment – for concerts that run into the night
  • Road repairs and maintenance work – for safe working conditions at all times of the day and night and during all weather types

What are the advantages of mobile tower lighting?

Some of the advantages of mobile tower lighting include:

  • They are easy to move around over different types of terrain and in many different conditions
  • They are not permanent
  • You can quickly and safely move and adjust the positioning
  • Can be installed on site with relative ease
  • They have a great level of illumination, with no worries of dark spots being created
  • Durable fixtures for heavy use and movement
  • Provide consistent and safe lighting levels for long periods of time

Hiring a mobile tower light for your site

The improvement in lighting technology over the last few decades has transformed how many industries function. Mobile tower lighting ensures that your site can function to full capacity 24 hours per day if necessary. It enhances safety standards and improves consistency of performance and efficiencies. No matter what industry you are working within, if there is a need for extra lighting on the scale that a mobile tower light provides, it makes a massive difference to the success of your project.

The best approach to this is to work with a trusted source, a hire company that specialises in mobile tower lighting and solar powered options for the green companies that want to utilise renewable energy sources wherever possible. If you require extra lighting to keep a construction site moving 24 hours per day, or you are a location manager for a site where a TV show or movie is being filmed and require a versatile lighting solution that can be moved around site, mobile tower lighting is for you.