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What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Air Duct ?

When air ducts become dirty, the result is more than only dusty vents. And when they remain unclean, it can mean some potential risk to the health of your household. It is therefore crucial that you get rid of the debris and dirt within the vents. This is what circulates within the house and may become toxic to everyone.

Allowing dust to gather within air ducts can also limit the airflow. It makes it difficult for furnace filters to properly do their tasks and would need furnace repair frankfort il. You don’t want to pay more for energy without getting back the full benefits.

Dangers of not Cleaning Your Air Duct

If you don’t clean your air ducts at regular intervals, there are certain negative effects to it. Below are a few of them.

  • Affects your HVDC system

Grimy air conduits can create problems with the heating and cooling unit of your home. It is normal for the unit to run regularly and for longer periods in light of the extra strain related to moving air through those messy conduits. An added measure of use will cause more moving parts to break down quicker. Therefore, you end up calling for repair on a more regular basis.

In general, the extra pressure abbreviates the existence of the warming and cooling unit. Indeed, even with brief fixes, you might find that the unit can’t endure for many years. According to this point of view, deciding to have the air channels cleaned every few years(two to three years) should be visible as a method for saving a similar unit for a more extended timeframe.

  • Health

Could filthy vents make you sick? There is no question that lower air quality will adversely affect your wellbeing. While that is valid for everybody, it’s particularly pertinent to individuals who have ongoing issues connected with their respiratory system.

In the best-case scenario, the pollutants that arise with the constrained air will make you sneeze and cough more often. You may likewise see an expansion in sinus headaches. Also, there is a high probability of having a running nose on a more regular basis.

A portion of the less common indications of health issues connected with grimy air ducts includes the development of skin conditions. Yes, rashes, dry skin, and hives could occur as a result of exposure to airborne impurities.

How Often do Clean Air Ducts ?

With regards to handling HVAC and air pipes, you must adjust their care and maintenance. In a perfect world, you ought to have your air pipes cleared every few years ( three to five is cool). However, the intervals also depend on who lives in the house, you may have your conduits examined more often than every three years.

Kids are more delicate to contaminated air than grown-ups are. Therefore, if you have kids residing in your home, you will need a quality air duct cleaning service, for a more professional touch. This will be done more often than every five years than when you live alone or with a companion. Also, when pets are in your home, you are going to have to get your air channels cleared on a more regular basis.


Cleaning the air ducts in your home will solve lots of problems. It helps you save more on power and poor health. Finally, air duct cleaning is an important maintenance routine for any HVAC system.