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What Are the Trending Interior Paint Colors for 2020

Many homeowners want to have the interior of their homes painted to give every room an uplift that is cheaper than buying new furniture or replacing all the pillows, rugs, and flooring. Besides, many already did the pillows, rugs and flooring last spring, so they want to try something new. Interior painting is highly advised but only if it is done by a painting contractor. A contractor will save you time and in the long run money.

What designers are saying

Most painting contractors in Denver will advise you about the best paint colors for 2020 – which are usually chosen by Interior Designers as well as the better-known paint companies. This year the Interior Designers chose the following:

  • Classic Blue – was chosen as the 2020 Pantone color of the year
  • White – chosen by Abby Murphy
  • Blush – chosen by Studio Ten
  • Burnt orange – chosen by Karyn R
  • Peacock – chosen by Graham Atkins-Hughes
  • Hunter Green – chosen by Danae Horst

Two categories

Most interior designers will all tell you that color is the power that will transform any room, whether it is a wall as a “bold accent” or an “unexpected color” on the ceiling. But deciding on that ideal color for your rooms can often be tricky, so when you discuss with top painting contractors about color, they will be able to give you some direction. The colors that will govern homes this year will be:

  • Rich, moody hues
  • Elegant neutrals

These are the categories that the 2020 colors will fall in for this year.


Pastels will also be quite popular but the trend will be towards pastels that add earthy and warm undertones. The overall color palettes will be a mixture of both spring and autumn type colors.

Naval by Sherwin-Williams

But by far, the best color is Naval by Sherwin-Williams which is not navy but trending to something that is close. This paint company announced that this deep shade of blue would make waves during 2020. It was announced as a color that is suggestive of the night sky that people have looked to for centuries as direction, and as a notice to live more attentively.

Any painting contractor can help you with all the colors trending for 2020.