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Ways to Top Dress and Overseed Lawns

Your lawn can become lush, thick, and revitalized with topdressing and overseeding. The addition of a thin coating of organic stuff to give lasting nutrients is included in top dressing. On the other hand, overseeding fills up exposed or slender spots using new grass sprouts. However, to achieve the most favorable outcomes, you will have to do extra homework before bumping into the overseeding and top-dressing procedure.

Make Your Lawn Ready for Top Dressing

The key objective of top dressing is to improve the soil with nutrients so that the grass will develop thicker, healthier, and greener. You do not need to repress the grass accidentally. However, instead, spread highly organic stuff in a thin layer to let the grass shove through and carry on developing.

Don’t wait for top dressing to repress weeds when sparing your grass. Prior to the top-dressing process, take some moments to trim weedy portions using a shovel to lessen competition and promote a more updated look to your lawn as soon as the grass grows in. Any bumpy dips formed by trimming the weeds will be leveled as you add the top dressing.

To make sure that the top dressing effortlessly rakes through the grass, trim your lawn grass to somewhere around 1 inch high. You do not need to scalp your yard. But you do want the grass to be short. It is the ideal instant to introduce the aerator and let oxygen go through the soil when also dividing any thatch.

Add a Top Dressing Blend

Not every grass variant comes with similar nutritional needs. Thus, it is not always important to purchase the most costly compost or topsoil you can discover. Actually, if you just want to make your lawn even under budget, you can make use of coarse sand. Instead, you can blend coarse sand with topsoil for covering more area at a cheap cost per sq. ft.


For filling up the exposed areas or reinvigorating thin grass, you can use grass seed over an existing yard, given that a minimum of 50 % of the yard is in fine shape.

When should you overseed your lawn? The ideal time for overseeding is based on the area of your residence. If you live in cooler regions, you must consider overseeding during late summer to early fall. To avoid hassle while overseeding or lawn mowing, it is best to contact a professional lawn service in Cumming.