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Warrenton Plumbing and HVAC Company Donates To Charity Water: But Why?

Opportunities start with water. Access to drinkable and safe water can save and protect people’s lives just because it is there. Access to clean and safe H2O has the ability to turn our time spent into time saved when it is close and not miles away.

Access to clean water can turn people’s problems into possibilities: unlocking economic prosperity, improved health, and education. It is the way to break the age-long cycle of poverty, save and protect lives, as well as making a bright future for everyone. Listed below are some reasons why we need to donate clean and safe water.

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Future generations

Actions and decisions taken in the following months can determine water’s future in years to come, even decades. Now is the time for people to get involved by making their tax-deductible gifts to various non-profit organizations.

The cause of every organization is very important and usually underfunded

In general, these causes and clean H2O problems in particular always receive the tiniest fraction of support from philanthropists in the United States, compared to other types of nonprofit organizations and causes. People’s donations will help make sure that this problem is adequately addressed.

Strength in numbers

Donating to these causes is all about tons of people supporting the principle they care about with donations of all sizes. It is an individual’s chance to show how valuable protecting clean and potable H2Ois to them. The more people donate and the more family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors they can persuade to join the cause, the more influential the grassroots organization to protect safe H2O becomes. Every penny matters. Every donation and donor matters. People need to invite a lot of people to join them, as well as donate generously.

Drinking, swimming, and fishing

The Clean Water Act (CWA) that was drafted and passed in 1972 sets ambitious and determining goals for eliminating pollution in every H2O source on the planet and making it drinkable, swimmable, and fishable for everyone. Organizations like Charity Water have made a lot of advancements, but they are still far short of their goals. Recent rollbacks and cuts threaten to put them far behind.

Reputable plumbing and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Companies can help restore the country’s commitment to protect and restore every source on the planet. Everyone should donate and raise their glasses to celebrate this shared vision of future clean H2O that everyone wants for their children, grandchildren, as well as the generation who follows them.

Check out for more information about CWA.

Everyone lives downstream

The best and most innovative way to get safe and clean H2O is to keep the sources from getting polluted and contaminated in the first place. In a real sense, pollution and contamination of sources can impact everyone’s lives. Yet, a lot of elected officials today act as if lip service to the idea of safe, clean, and drinkable H2O is enough. Well, guess what – it is not enough.

People should not have for water to be depleted to take action. The time is now to address this problem. Take action to help prevent pollution and contamination of sources and keep it clean. Laws need to be effective and strong before it is too late.

People can donate confidently

Most of these organizations score near the top of reviews from independent charity watchdog agencies, consistently earning three-star and four-star ratings from organizations. It means they have proven to be effective and efficient stewards of resources entrusted to them by donors.

Employers can match their worker’s donations as well

When people make a hefty donation to organizations, there is a big chance that their employers will have the opportunity to match whatever they donated. A lot of businesses will match their worker’s donations to organizations with additional gifts two or three times the worker’s original gifts.

Individuals can tap their Individual Retirement Accounts to help protect the water

If the person was born before 1950 and holds an Individual Retirement Account, they need to consider donating some of their Required Minimum Distribution seriously. People who are 70 years old and arrange donations directly from their Individual Retirement Account to these funds are not only supporting an excellent non-profit organization; they are also setting themselves up to unlock some significant tax savings.

Water needs everyone now

Protection of sources and people’s health have faced a lot of serious problems in the past, but none as severe and profound as the steady attack of rollbacks, weakening proposals, and cuts aimed at taking apart the CWA program. Tax-deductible and Premium Home Services donations to these funds help agencies fight back against polluters and their partners at times when the stake has been higher.

Clean H2Odonations will make people a lot happier

Donations people make are an investment in things we all care about. It is straightforward: Individuals protect what they love. We all care about safe water and need to see it protected today and for our and our children’s future. If individuals donate, they will be more than grateful. And donors will feel good about the vast difference they are making for the sources, for people’s health, for the planet, and for all living in it.

Hygiene, toilets, and water are human rights

Poverty cannot end until safe and clean water, hygiene, and toilets are a component of our lives, everywhere. Yet, at least 500 million individuals live without potable drinking H2O close to their homes, and at least two billion do not have access to decent toilet facilities of their own. Not only that, climate change is making the matter worse. In particular, women waste a lot of time walking long distances to get dirty and unsafe water.

Girls drop out of their schools because there are no clean private toilets to help them manage their periods. And more or less, 200,000 kids per year don’t live to see their sixth birthday because of water-related diseases like cholera and inflammatory bowel diseases because of poor sanitation and dirty H2O. That is why these donations can help address these problems.