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Using Evaporative Coolers To Keep Your Home Cool In Summers

Evaporative coolers don’t only save you lots on money in terms of energy bills; it is sustainable. It is an excellent way of staying cool when the temperature gets higher during those summer months. Unlike air conditioning units, an evaporative cooler uses the natural evaporation process to keep the hotness away. It runs a fan that sucks in the cold air and then pushes out cool air into your home. The trick with evaporative coolers is knowing how to use them and make the most out of them. Below are some tips on how to use evaporative coolers to keep your home cool in summer.

Use Seasonally

You must use your evaporative cooler in the right season. It works best in low humidity, and when the humidity is above 75%, it loses its effectiveness. If you stay in a location where the humidity level is continually changing, watch out. On dry days, you can use your evaporative cooler and save on utility bills.

Open Your Windows For Proper Air Flow

There must be proper airflow in your home. Unlike air coolers that recirculate accumulated air, evaporative coolers make use of the air coming in and out of your home. Open up the windows so that there’s an ideal balance and the system can work efficiently. When the air in your home starts to get more humid, then you’ve probably got your windows shut close. This situation can cause clamminess, so you need to find out how many open windows you need for your evaporative cooler to work appropriately.

Use A Dehumidifier

While cranking up the windows works to keep the airflow balanced, sometimes it’s too hot to open windows. In times like this, your best option is to use a dehumidifier. This product will draw out the excess moisture in the air and save it in a water tank you can empty. Sometimes, using a dehumidifier is enough to get your home cooler in the summer. However, an evaporative cooler will boost its efficiency and have the air cool in no time. You can place the dehumidifier close to the evaporative air cooler’s intake grill for the best results.

Pick the Right Size

The size of the evaporative cooler must be enough to have your home cool. Sometimes, it is advised that the cooler is slightly larger than the recommended size for your property. You will enjoy the benefits of the additional cost when it begins to offer you high comfort levels. It is unlike AC units and, therefore, will not affect the system’s operation when larger.

Keep The Cooling Pads Clean

If you take care of the cooling pads regularly, there will be little chance of them getting clogged up by pollutants. It will also help you decrease the mineral build-up from the water. Remember evaporative cooling system needs the flow of air through these pads to work. Therefore, the cleaner the cooling pads, the better the airflow would be.