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Types Of Glass Kitchen Cabinets Available For Renovators

The kitchen decoration scene is ever evolving as new trends appear on the market. One especially classy take on the kitchen cabinet is to incorporate glass into the design.

Glass cabinets bring lightness and space to a kitchen, and have a contemporary style that gives smaller areas a sense of size.

Glass Panels

Framing glass panels within a wooden door front is a traditional look for rustic or vintage kitchens. With the same wood used in doors and other furnishings around your house, including glass panels in the kitchen guides you through your home nicely.

You can also place glass panes inside one large black or white frame, and finish with aluminum if you want a more modern style in line with 2020 trends.

Regular clear glass can be adapted to fit any style of kitchen, use it liberally to make your kitchen seem lighter and larger, or sparingly to showcase special items.

Frameless Glass Door Fronts

For a very contemporary kitchen, use full panels of reinforced glass with hidden hinges to achieve a continuous and modern look around your cabinets.

Team them with dark sideboards or tiling for a nice contrast, as the light provided from the glass will give you more license to use duller tones elsewhere around them.

Clear glass door kitchen cabinets are ideal for showing off your hyper-organized displays. For fine china or gorgeous place ware you can use interior lighting for extra charm.

Opaque Base Cabinet Types

When it comes to base cabinets such as those that hide the underbelly of the sink, you’re better off using an opaque glass.

The last things you want to show off are your cleaning products and the inner workings of your fittings, so to keep with the glass look you can use a frosted panel or even stained glass for a sprinkle of elegance.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass obscures the contents of the cabinet while still allowing the color and vague shapes of what you have in there to show through. It will still give the room a lighter and larger look than solid materials.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a favorite option for traditional artsy kitchens for its variety. Stained glass can be manufactured in so many different designs, intricacies and opacities that it can fit whatever job you need it, whether it be one eye-popping centerpiece, or as low-key across the whole kitchen.

Textured Glass

Textured glass is a more customizable alternative to frosted glass, as you can make it more or less transparent depending on the effect you want. It offers a new texture if your countertops and appliances are plain. Just make sure the pattern you choose is one that you won’t grow tired of in a year or two.

Seeded glass is a very particular choice for cabinets. It’s made by pumping air bubbles into the glass, large or small depending on how it is produced. It works best with vintage themes, but is a bold choice to go for in a more contemporary kitchen.