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Truest Solutions in Landscaping Choices Now

It is not by chance that it is believed that landscape design combines three whole areas: architecture and design, botany and philosophy. A correctly selected and correctly implemented project not only pleases the eye, but also touches the deep strings of the soul. In a beautiful, well-groomed garden, he perfectly rests mentally and physically. In addition, the design project will help to “expand” the horizons of the site: arrange plants and recreation areas so that everything has enough space and at the same time does not lose the feeling of air and space. For the landscape architecture Augusta GA you can find the smartest solutions.

So, having figured out the advantages of creating a landscape design of the territory in front of a country house, we will analyze in order all the stages of planning and implementing the idea.

Creating a landscape design project: stage number 1

First of all, you need to decide on the idea. Will the garden be a haven for secluded relaxation and contemplation: a pond with koi carps, bamboo chairs in a shady corner, a meditation area. Or, on the contrary, it will be a place for fun family and friendly gatherings with a barbecue, pool and large round table or maybe make a choice in favor of a real fabulous labyrinth town?

It will be so interesting to wander around for children (and adults), here and there, finding surprises in the form of a rose bush flooded with sunlight, a fountain or a summer mini-cinema. Depending on the idea, it’s worth choosing the style. Perhaps the restrained in form and meaningful Japanese or Chinese style with bridges and a rock garden will do or strict in its framework French with a mandatory geometric lawn, gazebo and trimmed treesor maybe a bright Arabic with mosaic paths, fountains and climbing flowering plants? The color scheme depends on the preferences of the owners – here the styles do not so categorically dictate the rules.

The Right Concept

When the concept is defined, you can create the first plans-sketches of the site. They will help to imagine how the design will look in kind. To make a sketch, you need to measure the perimeter of the site in accordance with the general plan, transfer the scale data to paper, mark the buildings, and then sketch out where the paths are supposed to be laid, where the trees, flowerbeds, small architectural forms (statues, fountains, etc. will be located.). A sketch plan is a sketch that will allow you to evaluate the harmony of the combination of green and tiled areas, and adjust the details of the idea if necessary.

The Right Plans for You

Then you should coordinate the sketch with the topographic plan. Surveying is performed by a surveyor with the help of special instruments, tacheometers, levels, electronic roulettes, etc. The plan should indicate the elevation differences on the site, the location of streams, ravines, etc. which will allow, for example, to determine where it is worth making an alpine hill, a pond or a terrace flower bed. Also, communications should be marked on the topographic plan, which will facilitate the irrigation system and protect, for example, the gas pipe from damage when digging the ground.