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Top Kitchen Appliances For Your Kitchen

In today busy world, we don’t have much time or energy to work for hours in the kitchen. Machines help to save time and effort of us effectively. Homemade dishes are always healthy to us; kitchen appliances are the helping hands in this whole process. Every region of the world includes different cuisines, and for that, kitchen appliance brands are working hard to meet customers’ expectations. Every day thousands of recipes are made. Day by day, our conventional practices of cooking are replaced by modern kitchen appliances to save time.

We have considered and shortlisted four best selling kitchen appliances which are the most popular among consumers. These products not only save time also wonder your taste buds. They are:-

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NESCAFE E’ Smart Personal Coffee Maker 

A coffee maker with an innovative idea

Features Of This Product Are:

  1. It has a Dock, a Coffee mug, and Dosing spoon to measure coffee.
  2. The Coffee mug is 18.5cm, and the Docking station is 8cm. The whole machine is of 24cm.
  3. The dock has a LED light.

We can get our coffee ready with a single click in our mobile! Yes, you heard, right. We have to pair our mobile via an app to the NESCAFE E’ smart personal coffee maker, and we can ask the machine to prepare the coffee for us.

The Pros Of This Product Are:

The list of advantages of this product is quite long and convincing.

  1. It is smart, app-enabled coffee maker.
  2. The coffee maker can generate hot and cold coffee.
  3. We can get our coffee done by a simple click on our phone.
  4. Unlike other coffee makers, it doesn’t make sounds when the coffee made.
  5. It takes 40-60 seconds to prepare the coffee.

The Cons Of This Product Are:

  1. It is difficult to use, not for all type of consumers.
  2. This coffee maker can make a single cup of coffee.
  3. Sometimes connecting the app to phone takes a lot of time.

Where To Buy This Product?

You can get this product at Flipkart, Amazon.

Samsung 32l Convection Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven means that these Microwave Oven doesn’t work like other microwaves. This Microwave Oven cooks the food inside out.

Features Of This Product Are:

  1. The Microwave is of 32L.
  2. The innovation of this Microwave is it’s a Convection Microwave Oven
  3. It has got a Jog dial and feather touch.
  4. Width – 523 mm, Height- 309mm, Depth- 480mm, Weight- 20kg.
  5. Power output 900W.
  6. It comes with a crusty plate, a low rack and a high rack.

Pros Of This Product Are:

  1. It has got a touch screen display.
  2. It is of 900W, that’s so powerful. You can get your food quickly.
  3. It saves electricity with an eco button.
  4. It’s effortless to clean the machine.
  5. It’s antibacterial, scratch resistant and stain free.

Cons Of This Product Are:

  1. The socket is very short.

Where To Buy This Product?

You can get this product at Flipkart, Amazon.

Roti Maker Rotimatic

Roti or flatbread is one of the healthiest food but takes a lot of time to make. Rotimatic the first robotic roti maker which can be used to make flatbreads such as tortillas and puris by adding flour, water, oil into the machine.  

Features Of This Product:

  1. The Rotimatic machine weighs around 18 kilograms.
  2. 16 by 16 inches in measurement.
  3. The Rotimatic has 15 sensors.
  4. It also consists of 10 motors and 300 parts.

Pros Of This Product:

  1. You can select thickness, oiliness and softness of the rotis by simply pressing buttons.
  2. You have to put the flour, water, oil and other related things into the machine. The machine automatically creates dough according to your choice and prepares it.
  3. It takes just a minute to make a roti.
  4. Easy to access
  5. Rotimatic machine makes fluffy rotis.

Cons Of This Product:

  1. The Rotimatic machine cannot make fluffy rotis from frozen doughs.
  2. The device can deliver a single roti at a time.
  3. To heat up the machine almost takes 5 minutes.

Where To Buy This Product?

You can get this product at Amazon and on their website.

Bajaj ATX3 750 W Pop Up Toaster 

A Bread toaster is a daily life essential product. This particular kitchen appliance not only saves time also never fails to make a delicious bread toast within a few minutes.

Features Of This Product:

  1. It is a compact toaster with stainless steel outer body
  2. The toaster has an electronic auto pop up element.
  3. The user gets an option of mid-cycle cancel option to stop the toasting in the Midway.
  4. It has a removable crumb tray.
  5. There’s also a cord winder to wrap the cord around the toaster and keep safely.
  6. Several slices you get is 2.
  7. Power consumption 750W.

Pros Of This Product:

  1. It is a lightweight toaster which we can carry anywhere, anytime.
  2. The product has a heat control knob by which the user can use it according to their need.
  3. It has a Reheat option to toast the previously toasted bread.
  4. The product has a cancel button to cancel the process of toasting.
  5. The crumb tray keeps the machine clean. 

Cons Of This Product:

  1. This product doesn’t hold any cons. It is the best product among bread toasters. It just has a single problem that it’s a two-slice holder place.

Where To Get This Product?

This product is available on Flipkart, Amazon.


Cooking is a passion and art too, where we should put extra care. Due to lack of time, we don’t try good and delicious food items. Now, with the help of kitchen appliances, we can do the cooking process faster and efficiently without compromising quality. Cooking appliances made so updated that now they can also be operated with mobiles and can be carried with us wherever we go. Some machines are operated by battery, some electrically, upgrading day by day. Above listed products are just some of the best products in the market from the available thousand products.