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Top Architects in Nagpur: Tips for Designing and Building a Kitchen Correctly

When you plan to renovate or construct a residential space, the most complex part is to design a kitchen. According to the top architects in Nagpur, the kitchen is the most important space of the house and requires a special architectural approach. Special furniture, household appliances, sufficient electrical connections, appropriate plumbing connections, and various other important aspects need to be taken care of while designing a kitchen. 

Although the main function of the kitchen has remained the same for years, the layout keeps changing according to the requirements of the users. If you consult top architects, they will provide you with various options, from a simple kitchen to an open concept. 

Let’s check out some tips on designing a kitchen correctly. 

Layout: The layout is all about placing the kitchen appliances and other counters in the right position. Always follow the triangle rule in the kitchen. That means the proper placement of the stove, refrigerator, and sink are the most used things in a kitchen. The person takes the food from the refrigerator, washes it in the sink, cooks it on the stove, and then takes a final exit to serve it to people. Following this layout makes work easy in the kitchen. 

Circulation: The person saves a lot of time if the flow of the kitchen is managed. The user needs to think out the circulation of the process that will take place in that area. Each section must be designed by taking the appropriate dimensions and considering enough space for the kitchen appliances. The design of the kitchen must be decided considering the movement in the space. 

Countertops: While designing the countertops, it is very important to consider the average height of the users. The length must be enough to accommodate all the necessary appliances while leaving space for other things. If you have a sink on the same counter, you must keep its height between 83 and 90 centimeters. 

Wall Cabinets: Another crucial thing to consider is the wall cabinets in the kitchen. Always consider the right dimensions before designing the wall cabinets above and below the countertop. Also, the depth must be appropriate so that all the required things can be kept in those cabinets without any issues. 

Shelving: A kitchen design is incomplete without enough shelving in it. Various things need to be kept in the kitchen. Therefore, a wide range of shelving is required to accommodate the different shapes and sizes of the products. If you are designing a shelf for dishes and glassware, consider the height and depth properly. You can keep the height between 15 and 30 centimeters, whereas the depth can be kept between 50 and 55 centimeters. Keep enough storage for the bottles and jars made of glass. Prevent them from falling by keeping the shelf’s depth at around 40 centimeters and height at around 12 centimeters. 

Lighting: Appropriate lighting should be present in the kitchen. Most architects emphasize designing the kitchen in such a way that more and more natural light enters the space. There should be direct lighting at the place where you cut and cook the food.