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Tips for choosing the perfect lamp

Lamps are essential components of the decoration of the living room and dining room. Standing, ceiling or table are always in charge of giving a special touch to that space in your house.


Formerly, the houses were decorated with beautiful crystal chandeliers that gave the room elegance. Today, due to the reduced spaces, they are no longer so common, but those that are smaller can be the perfect complement for small spaces, and hung from the ceiling are ideal because they avoid visual obstacles and allow the passage of light from side to side.

Metallic foot

For your long moments of reading in the comfort of your favorite armchair, there is nothing better than placing a floor lamp and if it is made of metal, much better.


An atollo table lamp on a table will always look perfect and there are hundreds of options and prices, which adapt to different tastes and decorative styles.

Metal and glass

Thanks to their light appearance due to their metallic structure and their glass screens, they are perfect for small spaces but above all, they will give a unique warmth to your home. The Furniture suggests placing two twin lamps on the ceiling of your living-dining room.

Built-in versatility

If the dining room in your house is small and you have to put the table close to the wall, a good alternative may be to light it with recessed wall lamps.

On and off

As it is mentioned, over the years, the evolution in lamps is getting better and better, which is evident even in the way in which you can turn them on and off, as different companies have been in charge of creating designs that provide a look as simple as that:

By switch: The most common and popular method, switch table lamps are not usually so popular lately, however, they are recognized for having a classic design with many details.

Motion or sound sensors: A wide variety of lamp manufacturers have generally taken it upon themselves to make turning them on and off much easier and more fun. Table lamps that have this function can be activated by any sound or movement.

Via wifi or bluetooth: Another method that has become quite popular and acquired. Generally, table lamps with this function are led lights, since in addition to being able to turn on and off through a telephone or any smart device, they can change color and even adjust their intensity.