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The range of products in copper winding wire upheavals the sales rate


It is hard to find any electrical component without the copper winding wire. These wires are the source to conducts the electricity into the components. You may know the electrical wires are made with the copper winding to conduct the electricity to work on a different phase. Depending on the feature of atomic power the characteristic of the wire will vary. On the same line, according to the atomic power the copper winding wire products increases the sales. Read more this article to find the range of copper winding wires increases in productivity.

Range of products in Copper winding wire

Due to the demand of the electrical wires, the manufacturers increase the productivity to provide all the wires suitable for electrical applications. To support the AC/DC motors in relay coils, transformers, motors, alternators, light fittings, fans, white good appliances, pumps and other electrical, electronic equipment the following winding wires are used.

  • Round winding wires
  • Rectangular Winding wires
  • Transposed conductors
  • Insulated copper conductors

Enameled Round Winding Wires

The special characteristic of these enameled round winding wires is supportable to work on high mechanical properties such as auto electrical. Due to this advantage, people give attention to buy it more than other wires. Each of the following listed cables and wires is suitable to use for a specific purpose according to the atmosphere for house-hold appliances, ballasts, relays, switchgear, electrical hand tools, generators, motors, and etc. 

  • High mechanical/strength
  • Self Solderable/ Bondable
  • General/purpose wire
  • High thermal
  • High temperature

Enameled Rectangular Wire

This rectangular copper wire is different in nature and it is specially used in low and medium voltage electrical machines to avoid conducting high voltage. Under this category of wire, there are different ranges of classes are available to differentiate the purpose of using this wire. Such kinds of wire are used in motors, transformers and generators. According to the customer specification and the applicable regulations to conduct the electricity, cables and wires are made by the manufacturers. As per the thermal class, the quality of wire that ranges from 105-240 under the 3.0-75.0 sq millimeter.

Continuous Transposed Conductors

Wires and cables are commonly known as conductors under that category the continuous transposed conductors are one of the types in an enameled rectangular wire. It is highly used to connect the parallel end. The application of this conductor is large power transformers which are more than 50 MVA. The two parallel stacks of this wire are the major reason behind the high sales in the market.

Rectangular taped Conductor

Paper insulated copper conductor is one of the cables which made by the heavy proof-paper layer, copper insulated wire to transform the electricity. As per the customer requirement, this paper insulated copper winding wire is available in different specifications. It has controlled proof of stress to conduct electricity safely.

Final thought

On the whole, as per the specific needs of the customer and the usages, the copper insulated winding wire is increasing in sales. The superior quality and the rate of the wire from manufacturers set the trend in the wire market.