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The Practical Ideas for the Interior Designs

It is a fantastic idea to decorate an anonymous house wall, which will create an intimate and intimate atmosphere. Guide: how to hang pictures and frames on the walls.

Beautify spaces and amplify them with mirrors

And what about a huge mirror placed on the ground or applied to the wall to decorate a home environment?

Nothing better for those looking for spaciousness and natural light especially when you have small or dimly lit rooms, the mirror is the ideal element for areas such as the entrance to the home, the living room, the corridor and the bedrooms. Not only that, it is also possible to use multiple mirrors, with different shapes, to decorate a wall. The interior design guides offer you the best here.

Decorate the house with a blackboard

For the more daring, the blackboard becomes a challenge of creativity, the right decoration to give a touch of originality to the different rooms of the house, from the bedroom to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the study.

  • With blackboard paint, it is possible to paint an appliance to become a real cult.
  • Also nice is the idea of ​​making a whole wall blackboard.

Embellish the walls with Murals

Anyone who feels an artist and inside and knows his pictorial skills can think of making a mural on a wall. Original choice without a doubt, which allows you to customize absolutely, choosing the design you want.

  • If you really want an artistic work of this type at home, you can ask some good friend with painting to have the drawing done or have a look on the internet looking for a writer to whom to commission the work.
  • Lots of ideas from which to draw to decorate the walls of the house. Below we have collected 100 fantastic and original ideas for your decorations.

Beyond the fashions and trends that interior design offers, one aspect that does not change is the desire to personalize the home. In fact, this must have its own style, or rather yours, to make the space in which you live unique. So deciding to decorate the walls in an original way , drawing inspiration from what surrounds you and transforming it into something special and surprising, is undoubtedly a wise decision.

  • The ideas for the decorations of the walls of the house certainly are not lacking, just take a look around and you will immediately realize the possibilities offered, you just need to understand what the best solution for your home is. It is up to you to decide how to give that imprint of originality that will distinguish your decoration from all the others. Starting from tips to decorate the walls , so as to better prepare for your decoration project, you can draw inspiration from some ideas that we have collected for you.


It is important, in fact, to consider that although starting from more classic solutions, such as the use of color to decorate the walls, you can get different and particular results. Even the choice of unusual materials to cover the walls can be the answer to what you are looking for.