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A Drapery curtains has the power to improve or tank your interior decoration. And something like that exerts so much influence in the home and needs to be taken seriously. Because there are many different types of curtains, it can be careful to choose the right curtain styles to beautify your little palace. So here are the best drapery styles to give your home a renovation.

Types of Draperies with Fashionable Designs

I know you’d love to provide your space with that modern and chic look. So here are drapery styles.

Based on Drapery Design

Pleat Drapery

If you’re looking for a drapery to add stylishness to your home, pleated drapery is your best option.

Because of its single header (the top of curtains) which is haggard, pleat drapery gives a proper touch to your living room, dining room, and bedrooms. However, there are some draperies you can use to make your pleat drapery have that casual and fresher feel. The different drapery design based on their style of pleats;

Pinch pleat curtains

Pinch pleat drapery is one of the most widespread of all pleat curtain types. The drapery design of pinch pleat curtains  is such that a sequence of three small pleats is pinched together at the top and spaced from the next set.

This drapery style has a simple but popular and it allows for more pleats to gather, hence try more drapery material and length if it’s going to touch the floor. Pinch pleat draperies are easy to work and you can hang them with rings or pockets.

Goblet pleat drapery

Goblet pleat draperies have the appearance of your predicted goblet.

This is because the large folds at the top of the fabric look like a glass cup; giving it a separate and unique shape.

Goblet pleat curtains are very alike to pinch pleat draperies except that a slice of the drapery is left ungathered. And to maintain the goblet design of the drapery, the materials are usually lined with interlinings like firm paper or batting.

Pencil pleat drapery

A pencil pleat drapery has narrow pleats that are tightly gathered and organized along with the top panel in the form of pencils.

There’s commonly no space between the pleats. And the best way to style a pencil pleat drape is by ensuring the cords responsible for constructing the pleats are much fitted.

Tuxedo pleated draperies

In tuxedo pleat draperies, the pleats are stitched at the back of the curtain while the design is brought to the front.

These types of draperies serve attractive purposes and will give your home a stylish appearance.

Box pleated draperies

In inbox pleated drapes, the fabric is folded inwards to create the pleats that look flat, wide, and angular. This provides your room with a more classic look.

To get keep the angular style, box pleat draperies are usually fastened to a wood panel or attached to the end with clips.

Cartridge pleat draperies

Cartridge pleat draperies are reformed goblet pleat drapes.

The curtain fabric is made up of large solo pleats that are widely and equally spaced to pinch pleats.