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The benefits of industrial spray- painting

Especially in industries, spray painting is the go-to option. It is fast, relatively cheaper and still offers a variety of paints to choose from.

  1. Speed, cost and efficiency: As we already mentioned, speed is the primary reason for its growing popularity, now entering North America in the form of growing companies like Spray-net and Plutonium. Spray paint allows you to simply paint with the press of a trigger! Unlike conventional painting, where you have to keep bending down to dip the brush into a paint bucket every few minutes. They take weeks to complete!
  2. Top notch quality: In industrial spray painting, it provides a high end finish at a fraction of the cost and time. They utilize more resources to make up for the quality.
  3. Atomisation: You have a lot of control over how much paint needs to be applied by simply choosing the right nozzle. Spray paint cans function by releasing paint at a very high pressure. If you are going to be applying a thicker paint, then you will need a bigger nozzle with increased pressure. This will ensure that the paint particles come out like fine mist. There are different kinds of nozzles and this plays a key role in spray-painting. There are flat stream, hollow cone and full cone nozzles for selective accuracy.
  4. Flexible: Yes, industrial spray painting is very versatile due to the wide array of products available. In paint alone, there are tens of varieties and even your spray can be customized to suit your needs. When you’re offered with such extensive customization, it becomes a lot easier to achieve what you want.
  5. Less waste: In ordinary spray paint, there is excessive wastage due to over spraying. About 75% of the paint simply falls to the floor. Industrial spray painting functions on soft spraying which will effectively conserve paint.
  6. Quality finish: You will be getting a superior result because of the high quality equipment. The cans are designed to create a uniform finish in a single application of paint. Consequently, you end up saving on all three: money, time and effort. What more can you ask for?
  7. Industrial spray paint has advanced features like high pressured cans which can go as high as 6000 pounds per square inch. This produces a beautiful, almost glass-like finish! It can be used on both floor and roofing.