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Should you consider granite for kitchen countertops? Find here!

Countertops and worktops are functional parts of your kitchen, and durability and maintenance are two aspects that you cannot afford to ignore. One of the most used choices in countertop materials is granite. For the uninitiated, granite is a natural stone and is known to be one of the most durable choices for countertops. You can check online to find more on finishes in Kitchen Wholesalers granite counter tops, but is this the right choice for your kitchen? We take a look at the various pros and cons.

The obvious advantages of granite

Granite is often considered to be a timeless material for kitchen countertops, because even with years of extensive use, you can hardly see the signs of damage. Besides countertops, granite can be considered for the backsplash, and even for flooring. Probably the biggest benefit of granite is scratch resistance. Even when you are using the countertop as your occasional chopping board, you don’t have to worry about marks, although granite can dull knife blades. The material is also heat resistant and doesn’t easily absorb liquids. You can for black or dark-colored granite, and you will never have to worry a bit about staining, which is usually a concern with white marble for instance.

Not to forget, you can find a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, so no matter what kind of kitchen theme you want, you can always work around ideas.

Are there any disadvantages of granite?

Not really, except for the fact that granite is a natural stone and there is no way that two kitchen countertops will look the same. If you want a more uniform look for your kitchen, you can consider other choices like quartz. During installation, sealing must be done, which is an aspect to consider.

Things to know

Before installing granite kitchen countertops, always check other options like marble and quartz. Keep in mind that every kitchen is unique, so you have to evaluate your requirements accordingly. As far as value for money is concerned, it is hard to beat granite among other kitchen countertop materials. Go to the right store, check options, and ask for estimate. In some cases, granite may require an extra upfront cost, but that additional money is worth paying because there will be little or no money spent on maintenance in subsequent years.

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