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Sealing Your Home to Prevent Pests -Tips

Having a home free of pests gives you relief, but what if your home becomes an inviting pathway for pests? If you do not want to let that happen, you have to make sure you seal every entry point in your home to prevent their invasion. Pests are more likely in regions like Florissant. Hence, communicating with a pest control company in Florissant can help you to take preventive measures. In this blog, you will learn some tips for sealing your home to prevent pests.

Inspect and monitor

When it comes to preventing pests from invading and sealing all the entry points, the first thing you should do is inspect and monitor all the entry points, like gaps, holes, and cracks in walls. This will give you a clear view of all the areas where you have to perform sealing. In addition, while monitoring for entry points, ensure you have inspected all your water leaks and pipe holes.

Maintain cleanliness

You should clean your house regularly, without leaving any trace of dirt and dust. Pests normally get attracted to dirt, which is known as their breeding ground. Make sure you clean all the areas where they are prone to make it their territory, like attics, sheds, yards, and other hidden places in your house. 

If you keep monitoring your place and clean it regularly, you will be able to detect all the problems early and start taking preventive measures against them. Cleaning your house will help you with biological control of pests. 

Food sources

Pests are attracted to food that is left open, spilled on the floor, or not disposed of properly. Make sure you clean all the places where food spills and dispose of it outside your house. 

Also, it’s important to keep all the leftover food in airtight containers to avoid pests getting inside them while keeping the food from getting spoiled. Moreover, if you have a pet, don’t keep their food open in the out. Pick up the leftover pet food and throw it way in wet garbage.

Seal all the entry points.

After inspecting all the entry points, the next step you should take is to seal them. You can start with the gaps and holes in your water pipelines and doors. You can use a caulk to seal all the cracks in your walls and ceilings. Attics and basements are also included to make sure that the chimney is sealed properly and the pest cannot enter from it. Sealing all these areas can prevent pests from invading your place.

Windows and other entrances

You also have to make sure to repair your windows and door screens. If they are left unrepaired, pests tend to invade them. In addition, you can install door sweeps to block the remaining gaps and holes. By applying these methods, you can easily prevent them from invading your house.

Get in touch with a pest control company

If you want to know more about ways to prevent pests from invading your place, consider hiring the best pest control company that can assist you with the same.