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Savvy Marketing Tips for Agents Selling a Home


There’s a lot of work that goes into selling a home. As a real estate agent, you will need to prepare the house for sale, define your target audience, and run ad campaigns. Marketing is at the center of all these activities. To capture many leads and increase your chances of selling a home quickly, you must utilize as many marketing approaches as possible. 

You should consider blending traditional marketing such as direct mail for real estate agents with digital strategies like social media marketing. Besides, you ought to establish a winning customer service to create brand advocates from your existing clients. These are some of the secret tips used by savvy real estate agents. Keep reading and learn more marketing tips for selling a home. 

Go Digital

As a real estate agent, you understand the benefits of reaching a broad audience. It increases your chances of finding quality leads and selling your property hassle-free. Digital marketing offers you the advantage of reaching the masses to grow your business, brand, and revenue. Online marketing tools are fundamental to realtors for several reasons:

· Many buyers search the internet for new homes on sale.

· The internet enables you to understand and define your target market better.

· Online marketing boosts your brand exposure. 

· It is a cost-effective marketing approach.

· It gives you a better ROI.

Indeed, there are enough reasons to establish your online presence when selling a home. Without it, it is unlikely to find qualified buyers. There are multiple digital marketing tools you can utilize to sell a property. They include the following:

Open social media accounts. The advantage of using social media networks is that you can reach many home buyers without spending much money. Create accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Use these platforms to showcase your listings and to engage your prospects and clients. 

Develop a website worth visiting. The first place that potential buyers will see is your website. Therefore, you must create a website that triggers the attention of your visitors. Ensure that you have displayed all the homes to have on sale with quality photographs and videos. Additionally, make sure the site is quick to load and SEO-friendly.

Ask for a review from your past clients. Prospects might believe their fellow clients more than you. It means that reviews can add much value to your marketing efforts. Therefore, ask a satisfied client to leave a review in your Zillow or social media account. Be sure to copy and paste the best of these reviews to your website. 

Try Direct Mail

Direct mail for real estate agents is a practical, affordable, and fast way to get noticed by potential clients and earn their trust. Using customized real estate postcards, you can reach a targeted audience in terms of their demographics and area of residence. Besides, direct mail enables you to track the success of your marketing campaign. 

Marketing tips for direct mail campaign:

· Define your target audience and develop the right message for them.

· Create an impression with top-notch imagery and striking headlines.

· Include relevant calls to action and provide your contact details.

· Offer compelling promotions to encourage immediate responses.

· Link your direct mails with your social media networks by giving details of your social media accounts. 

· Ensure consistency in delivering your direct mail.

Community Presence

Establishing a local presence is an excellent way of drawing more clients to your side. This means being involved in the activities of your immediate community. It can be the neighborhood in which your office is located or where you are selling a property. Community involvement builds your reputation. And as your reputation improves, you become more competitive against your rivals. 

Additionally, community involvement offers you an excellent opportunity to engage with potential homebuyers. While participating in the social events, you can promote the properties you are selling, and who knows, you can find buyers in the process. Examples of community activities to engage your real estate business include:

· Host a podcast

· Organize an open house extravaganza

· Offer free presentations on real estate topics

· Organize charity events

· Sponsor community events such as school concerts and park fairs

Customer Focus 

Excellent customer service is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for real estate agents. Providing your loyal and new customers with the best experiences show that you care. It is a sign of your level of commitment to the business. Excellent customer service helps you to create satisfied customers. And when you have happy clients, they will choose you over your competitors for their future real estate needs. 

To create a great customer experience, you should take into consideration the following factors:

Interact tactfully and carefully with your clients. Ensure that you choose your words thoughtfully because your clients will remember you for what you said.

Practice a little patience with clients. Some homebuyers and home sellers are not conversant with the processes involved. As such, you’ll need to educate them and help them navigate through the process.

Make the process of doing business easier. One of the best strategies to make your clients remember you is by providing competitive service delivery. Automate your services and move them online. If your budget allows, create self-service options. 

Establish personal connections with your clients. Although it is not recommendable to get too personal with customers, friendly little gestures are allowed. Send them birthday cards or homeownership anniversary gifts. It is a sign that you value your clients. 

Provide quick responses to customer queries. If you want to gain meaningful relationships with clients, you should be prompt when responding to your customers’ needs. Create customer support team or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Content Delivery

Content marketing should be top of your priority list when planning your marketing campaigns. In this approach, you focus on creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content to your target audiences. In other words, you give your clients information that will help them in their home buying journey. 

Traditional content marketing involved direct mail for real estate agents using postcards, flyers, and brochures. But, as the world moves online, you can now create and distribute content on your digital platforms. You can deliver content in various ways, including the following:

· Sending monthly newsletters

· Posting content on your social media platforms

· Creating a blog on your website

· Printing community magazines 

Local Listing

An average homebuyer knows about multiple listing services (MLS). Besides social media, they are likely to look for homes on sale on MLS sites. In that case, you need to get your properties listed on your local MLS. By doing so, your properties will be automatically fed to hundreds of national and local real estate websites. This will give you broad exposure to thousands of qualified homebuyers.

As an MLS member, you gain access to in-depth information about the property you are selling. This can be in terms of aerial photos, square footage, and features of the property. Additionally, MSL listing allows networking with hundreds of other realtors. This will make it easier to find qualified buyers. 

To increase the visibility of your listings on MLS, you should consider the following tips:

· Use professional photography and provide additional images of the property.

· Help the buyers to understand the neighborhood better by giving them a description of the social amenities around the home.

· Tell a captivating story about the home instead of just writing a basic description. 

· Include website, social media, and virtual tour links. 


Marketing a home that you want to sell doesn’t have to be hard. You only need to be smart and follow the above tips to get the right buyer. 

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