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Renovating your kitchen? Go for customized services!

Even the best kitchens must be renovated and remodeled at some point. If you have been think replanning the kitchen to enhance both aesthetics and function, your best bet would be a service that specializes in kitchen cabinetry and counters. The demand for modular designs for contemporary homes, including portes coulissantes garde robe, has increased manifold. In this post, we are focusing exclusively on customized services and how you can get the best out of services you hire. 

  1. Selecting a service. If you are in Montreal, you can find a bunch of kitchen remodeling services, many of which have their own team of designers and exclusive showrooms. To select the right service, focus on their work profile and what they have done for other clients. Contemporary homes need space-saving solutions, and when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and storage, this is a factor that may make or break your project. 
  2. Meeting the designers. In times of COVID-19, many kitchen renovation services are offering virtual tour of their portfolio, which is a great way of knowing a company. Alternatively, you can take pictures of your current kitchen and send them to designers, who can come up with a layout and presentation. This allows you to have a clear idea of the space. If you are meeting the designers in person, you can share your views or expectations, so that things can be planned accordingly. 
  3. Be participative. Finalizing the design of the kitchen is just one part of the job. The designers will help you in selecting some of the other components, including ceramics, appliances, and lighting. Make sure that your suggestions work with the new kitchen plan, and while you need to be participative, do not micro-manage the work done by designers. 

Getting an estimate

Customized kitchens may cost a tad more than your standard kitchen planning services, and it makes sense to ask for an estimate in advance. The cost should clearly outline the things that are included, along with installation costs. Companies usually ask for payments in slabs, and it makes sense to pay at every stage of the project, so that you are aware of the work progress. 

A functional customized kitchen is the one that has enough space to keep everything in order, and also enough floor area to move around. Hire a service that can guide on aspects that are unique to your kitchen and doesn’t compromise on aesthetic appeal or function.