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Pros And Cons Of Aluminium Garage Doors

Have you constructed your garage lately and looking for different materials to put up your garage door? Numerous garage door materials are available both online and locally. So, before you construct the garage door, it is a sensible decision to compare the different materials available.

Garage doors are made of different materials that include fiberglass-clad doors, vinyl-clad doors, aluminium, and wood doors. The most common materials used for garage door construction are fiberglass and aluminium.

Here we will learn about aluminium garage doors and its pros and cons. Read on to find the benefits first.

Advantages Of Aluminium Garage Doors:

Aluminium garage doors are an excellent choice for all modern homes as they can add uniqueness and beauty to the exterior of a house. Such doors generally need very little maintenance. Aluminium doors are durable and corrosion resistant. Numerous designs are available in this type of doors. Embossing aluminium doors is easy as they are lighter than steel.

Aluminium doors are incredibly lightweight when compared to other options like wood and metal doors. That means chances of accidents are low with aluminium doors. Moreover, you can also install these doors easily. As these doors come with high water resistance power, they will not rust easily.

Aluminium reflects natural light exceptionally well. That means you have a great source of natural light when working inside the garage. If you install a full view aluminium garage door, you can enjoy natural light within the garage even if the door is closed.

Disadvantages Of Aluminium Garage Door:

Aluminium as a material is softer than steel, and this property makes it easier to recycle and emboss. At the same time, that also means that aluminium has less hit resistant power. So, a deep dent can be caused if you hit the garage door with something substantial.

It is not possible to repair a deep dent without calling a specialist. That means you will either have to withstand the dent for years or spend a high amount of money on repairing the door. In other words, you need to handle your aluminium garage door with utmost care. Be very aware of stray balls from children, heavy hail, and high winds.

Aluminium becomes softer when exposed to high heat. It will become soft at 400 degrees and can even melt. However, your garage door is not going to experience such a high level of heat. However, if you are residing in a humid country, the durability of aluminium might get reduced due to continuous exposure to the scorching sun.

Last But Not Least!

Aluminium garage doors are easy to install and also costs less than other commonly used metals. You can either call a professional for installation or do it yourself, provided you have the proper know-how.

However, you can choose other garage door materials, also like fiberglass that offers a natural wood-like finish to the garage door. Fiberglass-clad garage doors are perfect for commercial buildings. Such entries can help in reducing any outside noise and are energy-efficient and requires low maintenance.