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New Kitchen Trend: Hidden in Plain Sight

Since the “beginning of time”, kitchens have undergone two major design changes (we’re not considering the modernization of appliances): closed and open concept. Has the time finally come for a third design revolution in the heart of our homes? Well, there is a new trend in town and it is awesome.

It is called a secret, or a hidden kitchen and it literally means hiding your kitchen in plain sight. If you are thinking, what could you possibly get by doing that, just imagine the simplicity and elegance that would blend in perfectly into a Scandinavian design, or that would tone-down the overcrowded appearance of a small apartment.

Here is how to introduce this fabulous kitchen renovations trend into your home.

Cover the Sink.

Sink and tap are mostly designed with nothing but their functionality in mind, and although they can look great sometimes, they are not really a decorative element. So, while the pair is extremely useful when preparing food and cleaning the dishes, when not used they’re only taking up space that can be used for other tasks. Check with your sink manufacturers if they offer covers in the form of built-in sliding covers or glass chopping boards.

Make the Sockets Disappear

Sockets may be just small useful details in your kitchen, but when you create a clean interrupted look with hidden kitchen tricks, they will appear as bumps on the road, so it is best to take care of them right away. Prevent power points from being a perceptible part of your design by installing them below the worktop, using innovative sockets that hide the plug, or getting a vertical pop-up unit that rises from a surface when you need it and pushes drop down to the unit when you don’t use it.

Hide the Appliances

Now we get to the biggest items to hide. Note that it is easier to hide modern kitchen appliances that are already designed to be compact and streamlined. The best way to cover the stove, dishwasher and other similar items, is by installing sliding doors that can be open while you are cooking or using some other appliance, and closed as soon as you finish.

Double-Duty Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands usually include a cooktop and a sink, both of which prevent it from being a clean, uninterrupted surface. If you want to achieve those simple lines, you can find a manufacturer that produces the island with a sliding top that can shift and reveal a second surface below. This way you can maximize the space and use the island to serve breakfast and even lunch and dinner if you lack the space for a real dining table.

Foldable Table

Speaking of dining tables, if you feel like your kitchen would be overcrowded with a dining table, and you would like to make the table magically appear when you need it and then disappear when you finish eating, guess what? It is possible. Just hire the kitchen contractor and install a foldable table that is attached to your wall. When you are not using it, it can blend in with the wall, and provide extra space.

Secret Storage

Besides adding extra surface to your kitchen, this new trend focuses on adding extra storage, by taking advantage of every inch of available space. That can include a storage unit in a hidden mobile cabinet, floor level plinth drawers, drawers under the kitchen island, etc.

Although this new design trend puts an emphasis on aesthetics, it also keeps functionality in mind, creating a perfect harmony of beautiful and useful, which should be an imperative for any kitchen design.