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New Kitchen on a Budget – Where to Start

It is important to make changes to your new kitchen not just to add value to your house but to change the way you live in your home too. Your kitchen is supposed to be luxurious and comfortable at the same time. It should be a place to relax, to host, socialize and brag to your friends. So where to start on a new kitchen makeover?

Change the new kitchen to a unique countertop

Restoring and updating the surfaces of your new kitchen can make it unique. When on a budget, take what is economical to you can change to plastic-coated tops countertops. These tops are very reasonably priced and they come in a lot of different colours, textures, edges, and finishes. They can be even added natural stones to them.

Change the lighting

New lights, as well as light fittings, can have a big difference in your new kitchen. Using LED bulbs, for instance, will not just make your kitchen to be brighter but will as well save you cash compared to using CFL bulbs. You can look for table-top and floor-standing lamps that will brighten up the darker corners of your kitchen. You can as well as put new shades or fittings for the ceiling lights.

New furniture

A new sideboard, some new crockery, French dresser, table, and chairs can all brighten up and revive a dated space. Replacement kitchen doors will well have a great impact on transforming your kitchen.

New kitchen flooring

New flooring can really improve your kitchen. On a personal budget, just fix plastic-coated tiles to cut on the installation time. An additional to make your new kitchen floor different is to pull back a small piece of your present flooring and look at what lies below. You might have a pronounced wooden floor that you will be leaving open ones in a while without having to purchase new materials. Just ensure that you have checked how your underneath floor conditions especially if it is a wooden floor since it might require treating, blasting sanding, or cleaning.

Renew the cabinet doorknob

New knobs and handles can present drawers and cabinets with a new look. They are available in different styles, shapes. They include modern, elaborate, and traditional handles. They also present a new look with just a little adjustment. They are cheap and one can have done with the least time possible, probably one evening. When you are fixing the new handles, it is important to fix the in the same way as the older ones especially when drilling and installing them. As most handles are of standard sizes it is advisable to get the right one for the drawers and cabinets.


Adding some plants to your new kitchen can also make it attractive. Plants will bring in a contrasting colour from the nude colours that are always painted on the walls. With these plants here and there around your kitchen looks different. Plants will also make sure you are on your toes of keeping your kitchen fresh as they need fresh air and water each and every day. With this commitment, you will have to visit the place over and over again thus taking care of it. This kitchen makeover is what will bring the unique look of your kitchen and you will want to spend some more time inside.

Renew the drawers and cabinets

You can add some colour to the new kitchen with different paint on the walls. Cabinets can be painted with a colour that stands outs. In case the existing furnish on the drawers and cabinets are good, you can let them stay as they are. If painting, it is recommended to use sandpaper on the surface. Melamine paint is most preferred due to its quality and durability. It is one of the cheapest ways to advance the look of the kitchen drawers and cabinets.

There are a lot of kitchen designs available to advance your new kitchen that are economical and effective even if its new it should not be a boring kitchen it has to be appealing and make you stay in for long. You can get your kitchen cabinets from yard sales for instance to cut the costs. You can as well buy cheap but beautiful floor tiles, cabinet handles, and countertops.