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Modular kitchen design ideas for a small apartment

Food tastes delicious when cooked in an inspiring, positive vibe environment. Whether you’ve large or small apartment, space is the important factor to create a convenient, smart, and classy kitchen. Can a small sized kitchen look stylish, chic, and functional? Definitely yes, when designed thoughtfully.  Choose different creative permutation and combinations to get a charismatic reflect in your kitchen.

Small kitchens need clever ideas and ingenuity. Opt for a modular kitchen considering these below ideas to make space look bigger. These trendy designs are a must to try.

Understand what modular kitchen is first

In the first place, you need to understand what the modular kitchen is all about. The modern layouts will come with pre-made lower and upper units, internal accessories, cabinet parts, and built-in appliances, such as dishwasher, microwave over, chimney, etc. You can select counter tops, appliances, and cabinets as per your preference. All the parts are available separately and can be customised to create a unique kitchen. Make use of right materials, finishes, colours and consult designers to get easy, clever solutions.

When in doubt, go neutral

Light shades shed a peaceful mood, while giving an expansive effect to your kitchen. Moreover, neutrals can be easily combined with other shades, so that you get endless combinations. Grey is the current trend now, as it can blend with natural wood colour easily. You can also make use of white colours on ceiling, walls, countertops, and cabinets to get a flawless, roomy space. Pair with it different shades or contrasting textures to get a wide, spacious look. To jazz up things, you can choose coloured laminates, stylish shutters, and black tiles.

Play with cabinets

Do not look cabinets as pure functional units, but instead use stylish tricks to expand your space. Select ceiling-high cabinets to get more storage. Opting for lofts can convert a compact kitchen into a roomy area. You can install glass shutters on these tall units, so that you can identify and pick the items easily.  The contemporary cabinet space looks appealing in modern kitchens. Black cabinet when installed in a light coloured floor space can look beautiful and attractive.

Modular storage

From magic corners to wire baskets, the kitchen accessories help to keep small space organized. There is nothing like pull-out trays when it comes to space-saver option in small kitchens. A simple smart storage, such as slim pull out trays, corner cabinets can make every inch of space count.

Mirrored cabinets and more

Mirrors always reflect things in small kitchens, creating the illusion of space and light. White cabinets, glass doors can further add essence to tiny space, making it look elegant. Mirror backsplashes appear sophisticated, reflecting with the whole surroundings. The elegant stainless steel kitchens also add dimension to a small space.  The modish spread of these elements makes modern kitchen look lavish and stunning.

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