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Key Element Of A Stunning  Indoor Landscape

If you’re my type of person, you will agree with me that plants are meant to be enjoyed indoors as much as outdoors. Many of us don’t have a space to tend there garden, so agree with me that you can bring it in.

By applying some mix of the elements and principles used in outdoor design, including some thoughtful placement and attention to form Texture, colour, and proportion, you can easily create a Beautiful indoor landscape by using some houseplants, even though you have only a windowsill to work with or an entire light-filled room.

Proportion: This is all about the scale. Make a measure of your room size before heading to the nursery. Select a plant that matches not only the size of the room but also matches where it’s going to be placed. An excessively large plant may overwhelm an ample space, while the tinier plant can appear insignificant if not set at the right place.

Tip: Choose a plant that has something in common with any plants growing outside the window for a cohesive look that contributes to creating a connection to the outdoors.

Form: three-dimensional plant shape. You have to consider the shape of the plant and how it’s going to suit in on what you’re looking for. Some examples of plants forms include weeping, columnar, round, pyramidal and vase-shaped.

Tip: you have to consider the ceiling plane which a plant can create. Where a .vase-shaped palm softly arches over a sideboard in the corner.

Colour: colour is, without doubt, the landscapes most important element. Colour makes a landscape design beautiful when it matches, but it can cause chaos when it doesn’t. The same thing goes to the indoor plants and the vessels we put them into. Before you make a choice of colour, make sure it’s suit and fits in, in what you’re doing.

Repetition:  This is simply the act of repeating an element to get a particular pattern or sequence. Repeating with respect to houseplants is highly dictated by a person’s ability. Filling the window with a clean, simple look with identical plants brings out an immense beauty in the landscape, interior landscapers London magazines testify of huge traffic in a simple design.