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Is it Time to Mend and Repair Your Largo FL Ductless Mini Split A/C?

When your property’s ductless air conditioning unit stops working, what is the best thing to do? Can homeowners know when it needs a little fix, or is it time to give the system its needed boot? Will property owners be able to do a simple inspection and troubleshooting?

Let’s just say it is the middle of the summer. It is mid-morning, and you are doing your groceries. You are sweating profusely and about to melt. The hot air is burning your skin. With the summer heat outside on a scorching level, and all you have in mind is to crank up your home’s cooling unit the moment you arrive.

You headed straight to the AC and turned it on. It did not work; you tried again; it still did not work. You’re starting to get confused. Turn it on the last time with the same result. It was not working. There is nothing worse than having a broken air conditioning system when people need it the most, and just when people do not have extra money to spend on maintenance or repair.

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But here is the thing: when the AC stops working, it does not always mean that the unit is broken. Usually, something is wrong, and it might be just a simple error that can be fixed without a professional technician’s help. But for homeowners experiencing the sun’s scorching heat, a simple error or a big AC problem does not make any difference, they have no idea what is wrong, and they are left in their homes sweating out and don’t know what to do.

Now, regardless of whether the property owner is the average Joe with no prior knowledge about how cooling units work or a Do-It-Yourself-type of a person with some knowledge about the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition system, it is imperative to have at least the basic knowledge on how to inspect and troubleshoot an AC system when it ran into an issue. This article will discuss the common errors that people will most likely face regarding their ductless air conditioning system and how to fix these problems.

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Power problem: The unit would not turn on

When there is a power issue, and the system would not turn on, property owners need to check the power supply. It is possible that the power supply’s plug is not connected to the outlet, or the circuit breaker is broken or tripped. These two are the first thing people need to check when their unit is not turning on.

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If the HVAC unit was turned on using a remote control and it is not working, there is a big chance that the controller’s battery may be the problem, or the controller is broken. More often than not, the problem is with the battery. To check if the battery is the problem, try turning the system on from its central unit or the thermostat.

If the AC turns on through the thermostat and is not working, try checking if it works using a remote control. If the unit is turned on using the remote, there is a big chance that the thermostat device is broken or an error connected to the central air conditioning unit. If both are broken, the error might be on the system itself. Usually, if the unit does not turn on, either the AC is disconnected to the main power supply, the controllers don’t have fresh batteries, or the breaker is tripped.

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Odor problem: The smell coming out of the unit smells funky

When ductless ACs start to emit unpleasant odors, it is most certainly a sign that the system is dirty inside and needs cleaning. It shows that there is a growth of mold, mildew, and dirt inside the AC. The fact that homeowners already smell a terrible odor means that the issue is severe enough to the point that the foul-smelling dirt has already contaminated the airflow inside the room.

To understand the odor’s source, property owners need to know that their ductless AC works by absorbing the warm air inside the room. The warm air passes through the evaporator, causing condensation to happen. It produces moisture or condensate, which is basically water. The water drips into the condensate drain down to the drain pan. The issue happens when the drain pan and coil become clogged with dust and dirt because of poor maintenance and overuse.

Naturally, when the condensate water is mixed with dust and dirt, it causes mildew and mold to develop. Not only that, the clogged dirt will prevent excess moisture from draining correctly. With mildew and stagnant water collected in the AC system, it is only a matter of time before developing a foul odor. When the ductless system emits terrible odors, it becomes a filter problem. It means that the filter is clogged up with dirt. Because of this, it is no longer effective in screening out dust and dirt that go inside.