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LA Remodels: 5 Tips to Help You Turn Your Woodland Hills Garage into a Home Office

Located in the southwestern tip of the Valley, Woodland Hills is a vibrant and thriving economic center that has been nicknamed “Downtown LA.” Buying a home in Woodland Hills is an excellent idea if you value access to a wide range of job opportunities, modern amenities, and stunning homes. And, as a modern urban center, Woodlands Hills is in with the times. You can do amazing things with your new space, including turning your new garage into a home office. Here’s how.

Create Space

According to remodel and Woodland Hills real estate experts Anna + Dessy Real Estate Group, the first step to a remodel is to create space. Remove everything from your garage and sort out what you need from the junk. Sell, donate, or dispose of everything you don’t need and store everything else in boxes. As you put the essentials back in, try for a minimalist look. Use wall shelves, cabinets, and desk organizers to create a simple, decluttered layout. 

 Weatherize the Space

The garage is not always the warmest or best-insulated part of the home. Since you are going to be spending a lot of time here, weatherize your garage so that it is warm and comfortable. Insulate the garage door, install air conditioning, and add a space heater or fan. Really, what you do here will depend on the state of your garage and your budget.

Paint the Walls

An office is a place of the mind. Things can get boring pretty fast if you spend your days staring at drab walls. Consider repainting the walls to a color that appeals to you. You can peak cool colors like blue if you like a soothing environment, warm colors like golds and reds, or neutral pallets for a clearer backdrop. Also, throw in a few things that speak to your personal taste.   

Put in New Furniture and Equipment

With your new office painted and personalized, put in some furniture and your office equipment. You will need a desk, chair, storage, printer, phone, computer, and whatever else you use for work. You can even install a small bookshelf of your favorite books. Whatever you do, don’t pick borrowed or secondhand furniture pieces, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time here.

Enhance the Lighting

Most garages are not well-lit, primarily because you don’t spend a lot of time in them. However, for an office space, poor lighting will not do. Your next trip is to the fixture store to find task lighting, including desk lamps, a task lamp, pendant lights, and floor lamps. The right lighting can set the mood for your office and open up your space. Consider installing a window or two for more natural light.

 Learn More with Anna + Dessy Real Estate Group

The Woodland Hills real estate market is wide and varied, which means you can find many homes that meet your taste. You can also explore exciting remodel ideas to turn your new living space into a haven. Whether you need help looking at homes for sale in Woodland Hills or planning a home redesign or remodel, get the best help in town from the team at Anna + Dessy Real Estate Group.