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Interior designer: who is he, what he does, how he does it?

Understand the structure of a space and recognize its possible uses. This could be a good summary definition of what an interior designer is capable of. This professional is not only capable of imagining the most suitable decoration. He is also the person in charge of planning a versatile organization, which is adjusted to the client’s needs. So, learn the basic concepts before hiring professional HDB interior design expert.

The interior designer, his skills

The interior designer is the professional trained in the field of space design and decoration. Thus, in addition to being able to select textures or furniture, you also know:

  • Organize the available space
  • Optimize all its versatility
  • Focus your design on a specific audience
  • Surface and deep treatment of the interior
  • Creation of atmosphere and experience at the same time.

In other words, this professional goes far beyond decorating a space. To do this, you must have specific skills and knowledge. These could be:

  • Analytical capacity
  • Knowledge of environmental psychology
  • Use of specialized programs and software
  • Innovation
  • Architectural security measures
  • Interior architecture.

Decoration and design: unbreakable standards

If you are going to start designing projects and you are in the starting box, here are some untouchable rules of the sector. These can be worth to follow or, on the contrary, to break them. How far will you take your creativity and originality?

Respect the architectural rhythms

An interior architect is someone capable of analyzing the available space and adapting it to the needs and objectives. Therefore, adapting to the original rhythm of the space and not trying to change it is a good idea. Respect, if it is the case, the most versatile elements. And don’t forget to always carry a meter in your pocket. Creating a harmonious, balanced space with a single point of reference is vital. This way you will avoid trying to focus on all the points or corners and you will avoid chaos. Always keep your goals in mind when designing spaces.

Illuminate according to colors

If you are going to choose a range of colors for your furniture, walls or materials, you must take into account the lighting that will accompany it. Although it may seem otherwise, adequate lighting is always the touch in a design. With it you can play to create spaces, for example, with changing experiences.

It is true that there are some untouchable rules like the ones we have presented to you. However, it is just as important that you find your space of comfort. If a rule is broken in it but, in return, unique, innovative projects with personality appear, go for it.

Latest trends in decoration and interior design Fashion is changeable whether in the field of clothing, as in the field of decoration, furniture or other objects. If this year you are going to launch yourself in this field, remember to always be aware of changes. We recommend that you try mixing colors, textures and materials. Try vintage furniture, but don’t forget the minimalist touch.