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Interior Design with Smart Solutions: All In Front

The interior design for today’s families usually seeks to create a balance between personality, needs and tastes of its members. However, many times we leave a very important member, your pet, out of the design process.

Whether it’s a large dog, a long-haired cat, or a bunny, the whole family can reap and enjoy the rewards of an interior design tailored to your pet.

Some pets can be more challenging than others when it comes to their needs, the vast majority require basic elements to live comfortably indoors: a place for their toys, a designated area for eating, a place to store supplies and a space for rest their hairy heads.

Little by little the interest of men in interior decoration has been growing more and more, since previously there used to be lawsuits around this type of taste, but today people have understood that this genre can also do things like these.

So without further ado, here are a series of recommendations for men to decorate their apartment with a completely masculine style.This is especially suited for landed interior design, where spaces are typically bigger.

Suitable materials

The range of materials that you will need to use is those that have masculine tones. Where you can get the best and most appropriate inspiration is in that which was masculinity in all its splendor: the Stone Age.

Men wore furs and lived in caves. Think of all those shades and you will find inspiration. You will see that they will be pure dark colors. Those take them throughout your house and in each material you use.

What furniture do you need?

First of all you have to define your own style, but regardless of what it is, it will have to be one with rougher tendencies.We recommend using leather furniture, especially in the living room.

  • If your department in City is small, then you could only put one armchair and in the dining room, narrower chairs, but still in dark tones. 
  • The same in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Good conversations

  • Nothing better to stimulate a good and fruitful conversation than having your greatest tastes exposed.

When people visit a home they always observe everything around them. Have a space that represents who you are: a place where you have your most precious books. Maybe you play an instrument: expose it by creating a place for it. Or maybe you have some collection of objects. Make a space that describes you, that invites your visitors to a rich conversation and that at the same time makes them know you a little more.

Comfort and style

The main room will always be the bedroom. The main thing you should know is that a mattress on the floor is not necessarily masculine, but rather lacking in style. And you want to have a room that invites comfort, above anything else. So invest in a good mattress that, in addition, will last you for many years. Choose a leather headboard or, failing that, one made of dark colored fabric. It could be gray, brown or even – and better yet – black. And what cannot be missing: a piece of furniture that is an entertainment set for television, video games, home theater, among others.

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