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How to Get a Moth Out of Your Room

Moths are fun to watch as they fly around the well-lit spaces of your room. They are not dangerous pests and they are not a threat to your home. However, the larvae of the moths eat up fabric like wool and cotton. They even consume dry edible items like pasta and bread.

This can be troublesome as they can ruin your food, clothes, and other household goods. There are various things that you can do to keep the moths away from snacking and breeding at your home. Today, we would discuss how to get a moth out of your room using few simple strategies.

How To Eradicate Moths From Your House

Here are some of the effective moth removal tips that you use to get rid of moths when they infest your home.

  • Use Cedar– To remove the moths from your house, you can spray cedar oil all over. Use a spray bottle and dilute it with water. You can even use it in a diffuser. When the scent of the cedar spreads, moths and insects would search for spaces to move out of your house.
  • Mix Crushed, Dried, And Powdered Herb– For this, you can use herbs like thyme, rosemary, cloves, lavender, and bay leaves. The moths cannot withstand the odor of these herbs. Simply use the crushed herbs and hand them in a bag. Keep them where the food or clothes are kept.
  • Sticky Trap– Sticky trap is easily available at the market. You can cover the trap with moth pheromones so that they are attracted to it and get stuck on the surface. Once they are stuck, they are not able to escape and ultimately die.
  • Vinegar Will Help– Use vinegar and water solution to keep the moths away. You can scrub and wash the areas where you find eggs or larvae.
  • Brush The Clothes After Wearing– The eggs of the moths can infiltrate your wardrobe by fixing themselves with the clothes material. So scrap the clothes made of fur or wool every time you wear them.
  • Call The Pest Control Service– If the homely remedies fail to keep the moths away, you can get a moth treatment done by the pest control professionals. Find a local pest control service provider and take their solutions.

There are few species of moths that are commonly found inside your closet or food pantries. If you are allergic to moths, it would even harm your health. Therefore, you can use any of the strategies mentioned above and waive off the moths forever.