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How to Buy an Apartment Now So as Not to Regret it in the Future?

When choosing an apartment, buyers are most often guided by their current needs and wishes. JBL Developers told how to choose an apartment for the future, so that real estate becomes an investment in the future of the whole family.

You choose not square meters, but living conditions

The presence of a park, school or kindergarten, pharmacy, supermarket nearby creates the necessary level of comfort. When everything is within walking distance, you save the most valuable thing – your time, which no one will give you back for sure. You especially appreciated this during the period of general self-isolation.

The presence of infrastructure facilities in the plan of new construction does not at all guarantee their availability in the form in which they were originally announced. But this is not the case with the Commodor econdominium complex as it is located in the Canberra drive, which is home to multiple residential complexes already. Canberra drive has multiple schools, kindergartens, hospitals, eateries, restaurants, and shopping complexes for future inhabitants.

What to do? 

To make the apartment happy both at the time of purchase and in the long term, carefully study the developer himself. It is important to understand what projects the developer has already implemented, whether all the promises are true. Check out as many reviews on the internet as possible.

If you are choosing a secondary property, study the area carefully. If you are active in sports, find out if there are fitness centres, stadiums, treadmills and outdoor equipment nearby. If you have a child or are planning children – check if there are schools, kindergartens nearby and how well staffed they are. The presence of a polyclinic nearby is also important.

Also try to find out the prospect of construction work near the house. Otherwise, perhaps, instead of a picturesque square from the window, you will soon see a construction site.

Choose a finished apartment

Calculate the travel time to the places of your daily visit: study, work, etc. Owners of personal vehicles should assess in advance the state of traffic congestion on the roads.

It will always be important for you to feel safe.Indeed, the developer is not obliged to ensure the protection of the territory of the residential complex. Or the services of security organizations may be paid separately.

However, in a highly competitive environment, developers are forced to think through every detail and create a modern product that best meets the concept of safe housing.

What to do?

Your new home is your fortress. And here you should feel comfortable, calm and safe.

  • Take the time to research the crime rate in the area. All detailed statistics and research on this topic are published and regularly updated on specialized sites.
  • Check for landfills and hazardous businesses nearby.
  • Closed area, concierge, video surveillance, intercom, reception desks in the entrance lobbies – depending on the class of real estate, the list of conditions expands.

Choose an apartment for growth

The layout should also be chosen with an eye to the future. In order not to have to move again, take care of the internal arrangement of the apartment in advance. And this is not always associated with the birth of children, sometimes you need to take your parents to yourself or let your relatives or friends live for a while.

What to do? 

The dwelling does not have to be large, but such that it can be adapted to changing circumstances.

  • Pay attention to the number of windows: the more, the better. The fact is that each window is an opportunity to create a separate room, for example, a nursery or an office.
  • Pay attention to the presence of a balcony or loggia, this is especially important against the backdrop of a pandemic and the introduction of time restrictions.
  • Choose an apartment with a large kitchen or kitchen-living room. Even if you don’t cook, you will agree that the value of a space where the whole family can comfortably spend time together is difficult to exaggerate.