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How Optimal Window Placement Can Increase Natural Light?

Natural light in a home is as or more important than other factors such as its location, size, or distribution. Natural light conditions many things in our day-to-day life and we don’t even realize it, which is why today we want to talk about the importance of natural light in the home and how optimal windows and doors¬†placement can increase natural light.

Natural light, housing, and health:

Natural sunlight regulates many vital functions of our body and has a direct impact on our mood. It is scientifically proven that the lack of natural light can be the cause of unjustified fatigue, depression, or apathy. For this reason, in some northern European countries, where they spend months without seeing sunlight, they suffer from high rates of depression.

How to take advantage of natural light?

There are houses that are brighter than others, something that basically depends on the orientation of the house. Remember that the sun rises in the East, as the hours go by it goes to the South and sets in the West.

So, if your apartment in Easy is one of those that receives rather little light, know that there are some tricks to enhance it.

Use the colors correctly: white is the color that bounces the most and enhances the light, so if you have little, opt for white colors on walls and coverings. One suggestion could be to switch to Nordic decoration, where pristine white predominates with some notes of bright colors in textiles and other home accessories.

Do not block the entrance of light: in the windows and doors through which you receive the light, opt for white frames and place thin and clear curtains that allow the light to pass through.

The power of mirrors: Placing decorative mirrors at certain strategic points in a room will make the light bounce and amplify.

Artificial light:

In case your house in the West, unfortunately, does not receive a lot of natural light, you can compensate with artificial light. Today there are different types of light bulbs and shades of light that can make up for the lack of natural light in a fairly optimal way.

North facing optimal window provides soft even all throughout the day. On the other hand, if your window is south facing, it provides direct and bright light. In the summer season, the sun will heat the rooms with south-facing optimal windows.