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How Fire-Rated Doors Work and Save Lives


Customized fire doors will be designed and made to order according to your exact specifications and manufactured in accordance with Singapore standards for fire rated door assemblies. Here you can buy fire doors with delivery.

Experts supply construction products directly, as well as at the request of leading architects and interior designers, because we constantly strive to provide reliable services at competitive prices. As a manufacturer of fire doors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our timber fire doors.

Must be installed by a competent person

New or renovated buildings of 3 floors or more, including refurbished attics, must have fire doors to every living room outside the stairwell. There are many ways to cut veneers, as well as ways to further use them.

All doors have been thoroughly tested and meet the required safety standards. If you have any questions about doors or any of the doors about this, do not hesitate to contact.

Doors are a complement that is required in any construction because they are very useful in the performance of the different activities carried out within a home, office, hospital, etc. Most of the doors are made with simple materials that make them appear resistant, functional and durable, but in the event of an emergency they are fragile barriers that do not guarantee the safety of people and property found in the building.

That is why we must resort to other options that currently the construction industry offers us, there is a great variety of them, there are ecological doors, fire doors, multipurpose doors, but there is always a recurring question

When to use fire doors?

Primarily you must know what fire doors are. As its own says, these doors are created from the need to reduce the spread of fire when an incident of this nature occurs, with this type of doors it is possible to prevent the flames from advancing and deteriorating the facilities.

Characteristics of Fire Doors

Fire doors are suggested to be placed in spaces that have large dimensions, this in order to divide and section the entire construction into smaller areas and in this way its operation is more appreciable, which consists of acting as a barrier against fire, preventing him from passing and cutting off his activity.

For a fire door to have optimal performance within any construction, it must have the following characteristics:


This is the peculiarity that helps the door to maintain its connection to the installation where it is arranged, that is, it prevents the passage of flames and gases that could cause a fire.

Elimination of Gas Leaks

These doors are made with materials that remain resistant to fire. The emission of gases can be detected when a flame approaches the unexposed side of the door.

Thermal Isolation

Fire doors have the ability to prevent the passage of heat, so that the face of the door that is not exposed does not adhere to that temperature and generates an accident inside the space.

Sealed Against Fumes

This feature is attached to the door frame and is intended to restrict the passage of hot fumes and gases that are harmful to people.

Fire door codes and specifications can be complex, so everything you need to know our friendly team has all the tips and answers. Fire doors, door and door kits can always be made to order. For more visit our website at for more fire-rated door products and prices in Singapore today.