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Different types of kitchen countertops to choose from

Countertops play a vital role in kitchen design and home owners prefer durable materials that are economical, heat-proof, scratch-proof, and stain-proof. Designers have gone beyond just the granite countertops and with so many choices available today, selecting a perfect material has become a daunting decision to make.

If natural stone you prefer, you can find number of choices in granite, soapstone, limestone, and granite, whereas durable metal countertops include stainless steel and zinc.  You need to figure out your priorities, needs, and available space to get started with. Below countertop materials can help you answer your questions.


One of the most preferred choices as kitchen countertops, granite stands up well to splashes, knife marks, heat, and other wear and tear. Since it is made up of 100 percent natural stone, it may differ in terms of design with sample slab shown and finished product. It is available in a natural variety of finishes, patterns, textures, and shades. It is very resistant to cracks and doesn’t absorb liquid when sealed properly. It can turn your kitchen into a luxury space, adding its own beauty and elegance. It may cost around $50 to $150 square feet, depending on the stone structure and colour.


Not that expensive as granite, it is considered as the budget-friendly material that comes with an array of patterns, and colours. Laminate is highly stain resistant that’s easy to clean and maintain. You need to e very careful while using sharp knives or placing hot pots, as it can damage the material.


Yet another choice of natural stone, marble is not widely used as kitchen countertops for two main reasons, high price tag and susceptible to scratching or staining. If you want a very luxurious, unique look that you can easily afford, opt for this timeless, elegant piece.


Also known as engineered stone, it’s a blend of crushed quartz and resin that gives it a perfect stone look.  Available in wide array of colours and patterns than granite, it is non-porous nature and highly resistant to stains or damages.

The quality comptoir de cuisine designs are widely used in house interior projects; the quartz or granite countertops come with different colour choices that offer high hardness and low water adsorption and other environmental protection features.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type to make an informed decision. Hopefully, the above guide helped you to navigate the field to decide on the best option.