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Is a conservatory cheaper than an extension

Maybe you want a dedicated room for guests or an extra living room. Perhaps, it’s for the growing brood. Building a conservatory or an house extension is one such solution to curb some additional space.

Building a conservatory instead of an house extension is trending among many homeowners today. Though both the structures have its perks and drawbacks, having an idea of both will be helpful.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can have a go at which one to choose. As a guide to see through that a conservatory is cheaper than an house extension, here are some of the few lists.

The pricing and the cost issue are the first things that come to mind. Typically, a conservatory requires lesser materials as compared to building an house extension. So, lesser materials mean a lower cost in constructing.

Square meter cost

Usually, the charge of making a conservatory depends on the type and style that you want. However, for an house extension, it is taken into account based on a square meter. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, perhaps opting for a conservatory is the best option.

General cost of house extension

Let’s consider the time factor as well. Since time is money, opting for a conservatory will be cheaper. This is so because it will take lesser time to procure the materials as well as in the construction of the structure. Hiring professional building company also add to the total cost.

Drainage issues

Building an house extension is probably going to cost you more. The factors such as foundation or drainage issues will have to be taken into account, which adds to your overall budget. But in the case of a conservatory, such issues can be downplayed.

Extension planning permission

Lastly, the issue of planning permission. Usually, building a conservatory falls under the Permitted Development. But for an house extension, you will need to get the Planning Permission. Though it is mostly paperwork, you will end up shelling out some few extra money.