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Building Stone Products: You Can Source Locally

Some types of sand and stone from building stone products are frequently used in construction to prepare concrete or finishes. Any material with a small particle size, up to five millimeters, is called sand . Above this measurement, they are called stone. Boulders, conversely, result from the breakdown of rocks, and crushed stone is formed in the crushing process.

All these elements are used to raise walls, finishes, and paint. Cement, for example, is an agglomerating paste that joins sand, stone, and water aggregates to form a compact and hard mass for forming walls, walls, beams, sidewalks, etc.

Types Of Sand

The types of sand are divided into coarse and medium-coarse (with grains in diameter between two and four millimeters), used to prepare concrete, medium (with grains between 0.42 and two millimeters in diameter), used in preparing dough and laying bricks, and medium-fine and fine (with grains between 0.05 and 0.42 mm), for finishing and painting.

For smaller buildings, the sand is sold in bulk (in portions), by volume (in cubic meters), or bagged in packages containing between 20 and 50 kg. You can buy larger buildings by the truckload, measured in cubic meters.

Crushed Stone

When the need is to make sidewalks, beams, or finishes, crushed stone is used, classified from zero to five. This measure means that the higher the classification, the greater the diameter.

Crushed Stone Granulometry:

  • gravel or gravel 0: between 4.8 mm and 9.5 mm;
  • Gravel 1: between 9.5 mm and 19 mm;
  • Gravel 2: between 19 mm and 25 mm;
  • Gravel 3: between 25 mm and 50 mm;
  • Gravel 4: between 50 mm and 76 mm;
  • Gravel 5: between 76 mm and 100 mm.

Furthermore, there are different mixtures of gravel, such as graduated gravel, a mixture of gravel 0 with any other in the family, and the running spout mixes all sizes without exceeding 50 mm. This is because the mixture is ideal for giving body and strengthening the dough in a certain type of finish.

Whatever the size of your building, remember that to purchase all types of sand and other materials, you need to know what dimensions and quantities are needed. If you have any doubts about these proportions, consult a construction professional from stone supply near me.