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Bells Removals – Types of Removalist Service & Storage Services

Are you looking for a removal specialist and confused whether it is great to hire their services or not.There are numerous service providers available in the market which increases the confusion which one to select. Nuss Removal is one of the

Services offered

They have a team of removalist experts that render services like

  • Are you moving from any part within the city to Hobart? If so, we recommend you to opt for our Bells Removals in Hobert. The team renders the Ball Removals in either place where you move safely, punctually, with little or no stress. Bell Mini Moves is another service in local removal where you have only a few items to move. It can be anything other than your household service.
  • Interstate Removals Hobart – If you are moving from Hobart to another state in Australia for personal or professional reasons, the interstate Bells Removals in Hobart is most suitable. Interstate shifting is very much stressful as you have to carry your entire luggage till your journey to another state is complete. Whether Bells Removals in Hobart helps all the Hobart residents provide you the most efficient moving services at reasonable quotes.
  • International Removals Hobart – Are you planning to move internationally? Relocating to your dream country is very much exciting. However, packing & moving your things is very much stressful especially in the case of furniture. The other concern is to ensure that all your items are intact & are not damaged. Bells Removals in Hobart take your burden. Our team keeps track of all your precious belongings of the entire family & ensures they arrive at your doorstep safely within the committed time.
  • Storage Services Hobart – Are you looking for the efficient storage of your belongings for the flexible length of time in Hobart? Why not consider Bells Removals’ storage service in Hobart? We offer you the best furniture removal services, absolutely free of cost. Bells provide you with various types of storage services, best suited for your needs. They are:
    • Container storage – if you are looking for the short-term storage, we provide you the solution through 20 feet shipping container. We place the furniture and large consignments directly from your pick-up point to our warehouse or container, depending on your preference. You can avoid re-packaging and extra handling. The two types of container storage or
      • House renovation or reconstruction
      • Moving from one house to another
    • Module type of storage – If you are looking for long-term storage of your belongings, module storage is the solution to your requirements. In the case of smaller furniture consignment, modular storage is available. We accommodate the storage of your items for six months or more at competitive rates.

Uses of Module Storage

  • House building, renovating, and reconstruction
  • Traveling to other country or countries
  • Temporary relocation to mainland

We can arrange the storage for any time-length beginning from day 1 to an indefinite span of time.

Other Services

Comprises of services like:

  • Tilt Tray Hire
  • Office Relocations
  • Antique Rewards
  • Piano Rewards
  • Pet Rewards
  • Removal Insurance
  • Packing Services and
  • House Cleaning