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Are You Noticing Weird Smell Coming From Your AC?

Air Conditioners are the world’s best invention that keeps us cool during hot weather. But, have you ever notice that weird smell coming from your AC? If so, call contractors for your help because it’s alarming!

Usually, when for the 1st time your switch on your AC after winter, you must have noticed the dust burned off smells collected in the debris. Well, such kind of smell only lasts for a few minutes, then it goes away. So, what is weird then?

But, sometimes there is also another smell that comes from the AC that is not the smell of burnt dust that is wrong & you should call contractors for help. This distinct smell comes from Gas that resembles rotten eggs or sulfur. In that scenario, simply switch off your AC & contact your local

·         Smelling Gas Is Not Good- 

As we know, natural Gas doesn’t consist of any smell, but the manufacturer company adds scent to it. Now, the questions come why they do it? So, the company adds this scent to help you to recognize the Gas so that unknowingly you can’t inhale the Gas.

  • What should you do?

Whenever you notice that kind of smell, there are few essential steps that you should follow to protect your loved one and yourself too-

  1. Immediately turn off your furnace because it the primary source of gas leaking.
  2. You should also abandon the home because the amount of carbon monoxide is higher in it that is dangerous for health, and that is why you should leave your home.
  3. If a smell is more intense and Gas leaks, the most immediately call the emergency services. It would be harmful to you and your family as well. 
  4. And, last but not least, take the extra step for measure by merely calling your nearby contractors who will help you with this with utmost safety.

So, always remember these tips to mark yourself safe from such weird and harmful smells coming from your AC.