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An overview of concrete pools  


To put it quite plainly, they are essentially pools made up of concrete. Concrete is an amalgamation of sand, water, cement and stones (or gravel). The pool is encircled by contiguous vertical walls. 

The building material is created with either gunite or shotcrete. Gunite is dry, while shotcrete is wet. Both methods produce more or less the same result with no visible difference in quality as such. 

The concrete doesn’t set in immediately, per se. It happens over a long period of time, approximately 28 days. This period is termed “curing”, a phase in which the concrete dries up and becomes strong. This strength is appraised by psi, as in, pounds per square inch required to destroy it. The strength of the concrete is determined by the amount of cement that goes into the mixture. An average estimate of concrete strength is 3500-4000 psi. Owing to its dense structure and strong durability, the gravel or rocks cannot be easily broken down. However, it does have low tensile strength. If you’re wondering what that is, tensile strength is the necessary force required to break something like a rope or a wire. In concrete pools, this can tend to cause cracks in the structure. One way of counteracting this is by combining both concrete and steel. Together, they create an unyielding, hard-wearing structure that can weather the elements like water, gravity or earth. 


What are concrete pools for? Is it for entertainment? Or just swimming? Its purpose will greatly impact its design. If you’re going to be using the pool for basic work-outs, then you can spare yourself thousands of dollars by restricting the features. However, if it’s a family pool, then a few bench seats and concrete steps won’t hurt. The seats will provide a sitting area for intermittent breaks during play while the steps can be constructed as a safety measure, especially where children are involved. If you’re thinking of leisure and parties, additional accessories like underwater lights or a spa can be installed. 


Pools don’t necessarily have to be an expensive affair. You don’t have to be stinking rich to afford one. The starting price is 40,000$ with mandatory features like salt chlorination, solar heating, and waterline tiles. They also come with multicolored LED lights like Piscine De Mone concrete pools. A company based in Montreal that offer high-quality products in the building of a pool, both for residential and commercial use.