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Add A Finishing Touch to Your Home Decor with These…

A well-designed home is rounded together by a finishing touch’s details. From minor changes to major additions, the right finishing touch can elevate an already well-designed space into extraordinary. However, a finishing touch should be just that – a touch. These edits should be dictated by the existing design rather than driving the entire theme. As such, the perfect finishing touch become brushstrokes that tie together the painting that is your home. 


While carpets work as flooring, their true appeal lies in their ability to make a design statement. Well-designed carpets have in them the capacity to tie a room together. When a living room is a concern, opt for a plush, neutral-toned carpet for a cozy atmosphere. Alternatively, a location like the bedroom can benefit from a vibrant carpet for a touch of personality. Carpets can not only add aesthetic warmth to your floors but also highlight the design of the room as a whole. 

Custom Decorative Rugs

What separates rugs from carpets is their focus. While a carpet aims to cover a large space, rugs are placed strategically to be the focal point of a room. For a uniquely personal touch, it is best to consider custom decorative rugs. 

Decorative Fabrics

Fabrics see heavy use in any home decor. From throw pillows to upholstery, they can add on to the appeal of a space. Consider using decorative fabrics to better enhance the feel of typical fabrics. These come in experimental textures, patterns, and colors to bring in visual interest. For instance, a velvet or silk throw pillow can bring in a touch of luxury. If you have a neutral-toned sofa, use patterned upholstery to breathe in new life. Tables can also be enhanced with custom runners. The possibilities are endless with decorative fabrics!

Window Covering

Windows are also a major consideration in home decor. Beyond the practical concern of letting natural light in, the aesthetics of the window can add value to how the overall space feels. However, a good window is one you can control. In this case, drapes can be used. Much more than window covering, a drape can ‘frame the views’ from your window. Sheers can bring in natural light, while heavier fabrics provide warmth. An alternate approach here is to consider blinds, which allow added functionality and versatility. In this regard, Decor Chantilly blinds store has the best options for your consideration!

A finishing touch is essential in personalizing a space. After all, adding an element of ‘you’ in the form of design can make the space more comfortable and approachable!