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A comprehensive guide on PVC pipe fittings

The Polyvinyl chloride pipes are abbreviated as the PVC pipes and they are used for most of the plumbing works because they are very cheap and highly durable. The PVC pipes are used for both commercial purposes and personal uses. When you are buying the PVC pipes you have considered so many things and should have enough knowledge on the pipe if you don’t want to get cheated by the retailers. Anyone can buy the pipes but the professional workers can only able to fit them properly and effectively. At the same time, they will have a sound knowledge about the pipe quality and the market price so you can make use of those professional’s knowledge of purchasing the PVC pipes.

How to fit them?

The PVC pipe fittings are a very easy task if you make use of professional plumbing workers they can do it for you in an effective manner. All the pipes cannot be fitted with one another, there will be some of the measurements that only suits their related one. So while purchasing the pipes take help from the plumbers because they know what size will match your needs and they know how to fit each other. The PVC pipe and fittings make use of the nominal system for the standard sizing, all the parts in the same size will be compatible with each other. That is all the 1’’ fittings get fitted over the 1’’ pipe.

PVC end types and the adhesives

Without the help of any adhesives, the PVC pipes get fit together easily and if you are making use of pipe for any fluid passing you have to ensure whether there are any leaks from the pipe. There are different ways to find it but the method gets depends on for what purpose the pipe connected. Usually, the end of the PVC is not threaded ends it contains the slip ends, it does not mean the connection will be slippery but rather that the fitting will be slip right over the pipe and by this, the connection will be tighter and that prevent the leakage.

PVC fittings

The following are the lists that are most commonly used in the PVC pipe and fittings available. This contains the description of the pipe fittings as well as their applications.


The PVC tees are the fitting with three ends, the two in a straight line and one on the side at the 90-degree angle. The tees connect the two lines into the one straight line, they are most commonly used for the PVC structures. They are the versatile fitting and this is the most widely used parts in the plumbing. Most of these will have the slip ends than the threaded ends that prevent the leaking of the fluids.

Couplings and unions

This is one of the most simple and inexpensive types of PVC fittings. They are a very small part but that connects or couples one part to another part of the pipe, usually permanently. They are available in both thread and slip ends.

Final thoughts

Before purchasing take help from the experienced PVC pipes fitters they help you to decide the pipe that suits your requirements that help to prevent wasting money.