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5 Tips to Winter Pest-Proofing

Mice or other pests can stay active even if it is already winter, but they can be unstoppable and hard to control. There are many ways and insights to control or prevent these harmful insects into your home. So you can enjoy winter without thinking about any arising problems by doing pest proofing in advance.

Here are 5 useful tips for winter pest-proofing to keep your home safe from pest

1. Keep free pest out

Preparation for the winter is indeed important, along with the preparation for pest control to completely enjoy the winter season. A home inspection is the best and basic way step to do. Rodents and squirrels are the pests that commonly like warm areas, which is a safe place for them, especially in this season.

Carefully examine your home areas, possible entry points like holes, cracks, that may give access for them to colonize and reproduce.

2. Sealed the food containers tightly

Inspect your food containers properly and seal it tightly to prevent pests in gaining access to your food. Take note that mice can go through if there are open gaps.

3. Store your firewood at the right place

Properly storing your firewood can be a preventive measure for the pest during the winter season.

Firewood is commonplace where the pests may take it as their shelter. Inspect it carefully before bringing it into your house, and you might bring also the pest inside along with it.

4. Stay dry

Remember that water is essentially important to all living organisms, including pests like rodents. Inspect your home areas carefully by removing any leakage of water, specifically in the bathrooms.

It should be dry and clean as possible to control the damage of your home and for the safety of your family as well.

5. Properly Clean and Protect the Chimney

The chimney is used during the winter season to keep you warm and comfortable. Since it is unused for several months, probably, the pests infest it. Pests like bats and squirrels even some birds are already making nests and take it as their shelter.


Make sure that before the winter season comes, it must be thoroughly checked of what are the needs to do for good repairs and use as well.

Keeping your home out from pests even if the winter comes is very important to enjoy the cold air and feel relaxed. By checking thoroughly and inspecting your home for any pest infestation will make your family safe and enjoy the winter season.