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3 Pointers to Create Extra Storage Space in Your Home


One of the aspects that have an issue in most homes is storage space. It is never enough. You will hardly hear your friends boast how they have many closets to store items. But you perhaps have not realized that your home has a lot of space that you can utilize for storage. 

Attic Storage

Look: You can store some items that you use once or twice a year in your home attic as long as you have taken good measures to get more light into your loft. If it is not modified for storing any items, you can contact your hardware guys and let them know that you need to create more storage space in your attic. It is not that much involving. You just need a small budget set aside for that purpose.

You see, your contractor will help you in selecting the best materials for creating that extra space and install the frequently used loft ladders so that you can enjoy storing summer swimming gear, Christmas décor items in your attic. However, you will be required to employ strict rules on its use and ensure you go through the safety measures that you get alongside the loft ladders. 

Buy right items for your space

It is not ideal to buy products that are too large to fit in your storage space. It is annoying to purchase a very beautiful product only to reach home and find out that it does not fit the storage space available. Thus, make sure you measure your storage space before you buy new stuff like racks, bins, etc. 

Leverage off-site storage

You might not have realized it, but there is a lot of space in your home to take advantage of. You see, it is always the best idea to have your living rooms and storage areas organized. This helps you know which h items might need extra space. Also, your kitchen should not be so cramped. Organize it and remove the extra items.

You can use your house basement to store the items you removed from the kitchen. However, there is a sense of using an off-site unit if you intend to move soon or maybe put your house on sale. 


If you look around your house, you will see many things that you do not use most often. Such things should be decluttered. They are simply wasting your small space that could be used to store items that you use like say every day. For instance, it is not sensible to store summer swimming gear in your living room while it is at the onset of winter. 

Nonetheless, if you find many items that you may not require any time soon, it is good and recommended that you donate them. If it is old clothes, have them donated to the needy. Do not let hundreds of shoes that you have stopped using cram your house. Put them in good boxes and take them for donations. 

Last Word

In the process of creating more space in your home, you will have to consider attic storage solutions. Also, consider purchasing the right products that fit your storage space. And lastly, think about decluttering.