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Why water needs to be in the purest form?

Have you ever wondered what the different uses of water are? Well most of the people do not think about it because they do not have the need or time to do it. But think for a moment will life sustain without water? The simplest answer is no, but why? Is it only because life needs water to drink or cook for say? Actually water is needed on a very molecular basis. Now that you know that water is important on a molecular level itself you should be aware of the fact that water thus needs to be of the purest and best quality. The water that you tend to use in your home is mostly hard water.

What does hard water signifies and how to get rid of hard water?

Hard water simply means that the water has a higher level of salt concentration than usual. Hard water is harmful for your daily use even for drinking because this higher concentration of inorganic salt will definitely harm the internal organs in case you consume that hard water. So what you can do in order to fight off this problem of hard water is that you can install a hard water filter in your home. In case you have a municipal water supply line you can install the hard water purifier in your home at the entrance of the water supply line. This type of purifiers that purifies the whole house water system is called the whole house filtration system.

How the four stage filtration work in CF1 filters?

Now when it comes to the available technology and models if whole house water filtration system you can only rely upon one company. And the name of the company is springwell. Springwell has recently launched their new range if whole house water purification system known as the CF1 model. Under this CF1 model you get four layers of water purification. The first chamber is made up of 5 micron filter mesh which helps in reducing the particulate matters of soil and sand particles. The first chamber is the pre filtration chamber. The second chamber has a KDF bed which removes different types of heavy metals from the water supply reducing the chances of you and your family getting diseases such as Itai itai and black foot diseases. The third chamber has an organic coconut shell incorporated in it. This chamber helps in removing organic salts and other organic compounds from the water supply. The last chamber helps you with the removal of channeling of water. In this way the four way filtration system of CF1 helps to turn the hard water supply into a soft water supply.

Why springwell filtration system is the best choice for you?

Apart from the CF1 filtration system Springwell also provides you with another safety measure which is the UV radiation treatment chamber. In this chamfer uv radiation is passed through the water supply which kills most of the microbes including the bacteria and viruses. This further strengthens the case for whole house filtering system in the first place. The CF1 along with the best quality uv radiation treatment chamber can actually help you save yourself and your family from the harmful effects of hard water and water contaminants.

Get in touch with the springwell Company to know more details

Springwell now offers their CF1 filtration system under $800 which is much lower if you compare the price with other brands. Moreover the company is giving out a lifetime maintenance warranty to the buyers as well. So if you are interested in knowing more about the product or the company or even the services they provide kindly visit the official website of springwell.