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Why Are Condos Better Than Apartments?

Even though there are a number of similarities between a condo and an apartment, both are different in terms of a number of aspects. When you are looking for a place to treat it as your own home, many prefer to rent an apartment or condo Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai), while some prefer to buy one as their first-ever home. 

But before you think of renting or buying a living space, here are some of the basic differences and similarities you must know about:



The ownership is the main place where an apartment differs from a condo highly. An entire building is generally owned by a single person. Mostly you will get to interact with a management company who is assigned to handle the tenants of the building. The other renters might be already living there for years or might have started living there newly. 


The different units of the condo have separate owners and in most cases, they share common responsibilities and take care of the maintenance and everything as a part of the community. However, several condo owners do offer their places for rent. And you can easily find a suitable one according to your needs.



The main issue of living in an apartment is that, in most cases, you will lack complete freedom. And hence, you won’t be able to change a broken lampshade or a faucet, or any other appliance of your choice without taking the permission of the owner or Management Company. Besides that, the rules and regulation sets of living in an apartment are quite complex as that of a condo Charoennakorn. And the maintenance which can be handled along most of the time keeps on getting delayed, because of the idea of following a protocol.


Maintenance is the separate responsibility of each of the owners if something happens in their personal space. However, the condo’s association mostly tackles the maintenance of the common areas and in that way, none of the owners need to bother much about it except just dividing the complete cost among them on an equal basis.

Summing it up

From the management fees, amenities to the rental policies, there are a number of other factors which you need to consider before going for any final decision. However, visiting apartments and condos located in your area will definitely give you a better understanding of the differences. And maybe you can go ahead with making a decision once you see both of the types and explore the similarities and differences.