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What To Look For In A Concrete Contractor

Whether you are looking for a concrete contractor for your commercial or your residential needs, you should still go through a thorough process to select the best contractor for the job. Each concrete job requires a differing skill sets. However, each project necessitates selecting a contractor who has a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge of concrete.

Here are some steps to follow as you look for a concrete contractor.

Experienced in the Area of Your Needs

If you are looking to have a stamped concrete patio installed at a home or place of business, you want to select an expert concrete company, who has this expertise. Your first step is to make a list of concrete contractors who have employees who are well-versed in the area of your needs. They should be able to provide you with a portfolio of previous jobs.

Positive Customer Reviews

One way to ensure that you are hiring vetted concrete contractors is through customer reviews and referrals. Online you can access feedback from other customers. You can ask a contractor for referrals in addition to their online testimonials.

Another review that often speaks for itself is how long the contractor has been in business. Longevity is certainly a sign of quality work. Usually, it means that the contractor has ongoing and repeat customers.

Licensed and Insured

Many towns and states require that contractors carry certain insurances to protect themselves and you. Additionally, licenses to operate are also needed in many municipalities. Be sure that both are up to date. Some concrete contractors are also members of different professional organizations. While this is not required, it does show their commitment to their business and/or community.

Ability to Assist with Design

A quality concrete contractor will be able to help you design your project. They should be able to make suggestions on the best materials for your project. Contractors should also be able to provide ideas on the scope of the work you are planning. For example, if you want sidewalks installed, a well-versed contractor can provide the pros and cons of different materials to use.

Willingness to Provide a Written Quote

It is important for you to receive a written quote for your project. You need to understand what the contractor is responsible for and what they expect you to take care of. Details to look for include – obtaining permits, site preparation, removal of debris, and the quality of the materials that will be used. Before signing a contract, be sure that you do not pay for the entire job before it is completed.

Timing of the Project

If the project is going to disrupt your business or personal life, you definitely want a detail of the sequence of steps that will occur during the project. Ask about the impact weather events may have on the work if it is to be completed outside. Contingency plans should be developed to address any concerns about timing that you may have, especially if you have other contractors in queue to work after the concrete work is completed.