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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?


Plumbing issues in both residential and commercial homes are common especially as pipes age and exposed to constant use. There are a few common plumbing issues to expect, especially for older homes with older plumbing systems. Regardless of how common or rare these issues are, all of them require the expertise and experience of the best plumber Sydney.

Common Plumbing Problems in Residential Homes

We see a lot of plumbing problems every day, but there are some plumbing issues that are more common than others, such as clogged drains glendale ca. Here are some of the most common issues you may encounter in your homes.

Dripping Faucets

Drips on your faucets can be really annoying. They are wasteful and can cost you a lot in your water bills. Dripping faucets are usually due to old washers and/or O-rings. Such accessories can be easily replaced.

In some cases where older fixtures are installed, corrosion is the common cause of drips. Improperly installed faucets can also cause dripping issues in your faucets.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes that leaks can be either hidden or located in areas that can be easily noticed. A lavatory area is a common place where leaking pipes are located. However, piping systems that are located beneath your floors or in your walls who currently experience leaks can be harder to identify.

Leaks are usually caused by clogs in pipes, incorrect pipe laying, prep corrosion, damages in joints, excessive water pressure and cracks that are most common on seals or the pipe itself.

Whatever the cause of the leak may be, this is one of the most common plumbing issues that should be resolved immediately. The longer these areas are ignored, the more damage they can cause to your homes and your water bill.

Running Toilets

Toilets are the most commonly used areas in your homes. It is normal to experience running toilets every now and then. A running toilet is the most wasteful plumbing issue that can cost you a lot in your water bill. You can waste an average of 200 gallons a day if you leave these areas unresolved.

Running toilets are usually due to worn out flush valves and flapper seals, improperly sized flapper chains, corrosion in the toilet handles and issues in the refill tube.

Low Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is one of the most challenging, but common issues that are common in residential areas. If you experience low water pressure in your homes, there are several areas to look into to solve the issue.

Pipe corrosion and accumulation of this debris can hinder the flow of water in your pipes. Leaks that are unnoticed can also cause your plumbing system to experience low water pressure.

Clogs in the drain and sewer areas can also compromise the efficiency of the flow of water in your homes. Cracks in our sewer and drain lines can also lead to low water pressure in your homes.

Clogs in Drains

Drainage problems are often caused by improper waste disposal as well as several outside factors that compromise the condition of your drains. Hair, soap and foreign materials accumulated in the drain area can build up over time.

If drain cleaning is not a regular routine in your household, you will eventually experience issues in your plumbing system that are triggered by your clogged drains. Clogs that have been around your drains for a long time can also lead to health hazards and other plumbing disasters to your home.

Although common, these plumbing issues require professional attention. Plumbing repair is essential for every home to ensure that every plumbing issue is dealt with experience, ensuring the safety of your plumbing system. Some plumbing issues such as leaks in faucets can be fixed on your own, but ideally, it would be best to entrust these jobs to professionals, to do the job right always at the first time.