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Tile Cleaning Hobart: 10 Tricks For Cleaning Tile You’ve Never Tried Before

Tile is one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain. That’s why it’s so popular in kitchens and bathrooms. But there are some tricks you can use to make cleaning tile even easier. Here are 10 things you might not know about tile cleaning Hobart, including how to get rid of stains, repair scratches and more.

  1. Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda is a natural cleaner that neutralises odours and deodorises surfaces. In addition to cleaning, baking soda can be used to remove stains on tiles. The best way to use baking soda is by mixing it with vinegar. This combination will create a paste that you can apply directly to the stain or area that needs cleaning. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it away with a brush or cloth. If you do not have any vinegar on hand, try using lemon juice instead.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent tile cleaning Hobart product that can be used to clean many things around the house, but it shouldn’t be used on tile floors because it can damage them over time. It will also bleach out any colour in your flooring, which means you’ll have to repaint it after cleaning if you want to get back to the original shade.

  1. Murphy Oil Soap

Murphy oil soap is a great cleaning product for many surfaces in your home, but not for your tiles because it contains petroleum distillates which can damage them over time. This is true for most all-purpose cleaners as well as some dish detergents such as Dawn dish soap or Palmolive dish detergent (both contain petroleum distillates).

  1. Toothpaste

The toothpaste method for cleaning tile floors is a great way to get rid of stains and bring back the shine in your grout. It is also perfect if you have just stained your tile. Mix 1/4 cup of toothpaste with 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle. Apply it directly on the stain and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a sponge or cloth and rinse with warm water.

  1. Water, Soap, & Vinegar

You can use water and vinegar for tile cleaning Hobart. Mix a few drops of dish soap with a cup of warm water and pour it onto the tile. Scrub the mixture with a scrub brush and then wipe it off with a damp rag or sponge. This method works well for cleaning vertical surfaces like walls and floors.

  1. Washer & Dryer Sheets

Wash-and-dryer sheets work well at removing dirt, oils, and grime from tiles. Put a few sheets in your hand and rub them over the surface of your tile until all the grime is gone. You may need to use a scrub brush if some areas are particularly dirty. The washer-dryer sheet method also works well on vertical surfaces like walls and floors.

  1. Magic Eraser

You can use an eraser to clean the tile by erasing away any dirt or stains that may be present on its surface. Simply rub over any stains with the eraser until they disappear from sight. The magic eraser method works best for small areas of tile that need cleaning rather than entire rooms or hallways full of tiles (although you could always do that too).

  1. Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are a great tile cleaning Hobart product, especially in areas with a lot of foot traffic. They’re also safe to use on most surfaces, including granite and marble. Mineral spirits remove stains, grime, and even soap scum from tiles. Mineral spirits are petroleum distillates that evaporate quickly. Make sure you have adequate ventilation when using them, so the fumes don’t settle in your lungs.

  1. Lemon & Water

To clean your bathroom tiles with lemon juice and water, cut up half a lemon into slices, squeeze out the juice from one slice and add it to two cups of warm water. Soak a sponge or rag with this solution and wipe it over the surface of your bathroom tiles (including grout). Rinse off the area with another wet sponge or rag dipped in clean water. This method works best if you have time to let the mixture sit overnight before wiping it off in the morning.

  1. GooGone

Goo Gone is a commercial cleaner that can be used safely on most types of tiles. It’s easy to use and has a pleasant scent. To use, simply spray it directly on the area you want to clean and wipe off with a cloth or sponge. If you need more cleaning power, let the Goo Gone sit on the area for up to 15 minutes before wiping off with a cloth or sponge.


In this article, I took an in-depth look into the different products and procedures for tile cleaning Hobart. I evaluated each solution on four criteria: effectiveness, cost, labor, safety and environmental impact among others. When you’re deciding on how to clean your tile, these should be some of the key factors in the decision-making process.